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Literature is such an important part of our schooling and so when the opportunity came up to review LitWits and their LitWit Kits, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

LitWits are the perfect compliment to a literature book. They help to make the book come alive and make literature meaningful and unforgettable.

LitWits has made these kits for a variety of books; at the time of this review they had 46 LitWit Kits that accompany a book. They range in reading ability, from Charlotte's Web to Journey to the Center of the Earth.

I chose the kits that went with Around the World in 80 Days and All Creatures Great and Small.

Since my children have been very little, our literature time is me reading aloud to them. So that was what Nutsy and I did with Around the World. During the review period we did get through about two-thirds of Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. I also spent some time looking over the Kit for All Creatures Great and Small as well.

The kits are available inside your account on the website, or you can download a pdf version as well.

The kits are very well organized:

This is the home page, and you can see the tabs at the bottom. Each of those tabs hold activities to help bring out the story line of the book.

The Prop Ideas tab had some great ideas for actual items to have with you as you read the book. These items help to make the book come more alive. And to not make you feel any pressure, the creators of LitWits encourage you to find things around the house and not collect everything on the page.

Some of the prop ideas for this book were a globe, different spices for different lands, exotic plants, and different currencies.

The next tab is Hands-On Fun, which speaks for itself. One of the activities we did here was to make a passport to fill in as we read the book.

It was fun to fill in the passport with the stamps, which she cut out and colored.

They did suggest that you do this activity after you finish the book, and travel around the world in a day. You would pretend to arrive, stamp the passport, learn to say hello, read some notes on the country and find it on a map. We decided to actually do this as we read the book, and found it was a fun way to go through it.

And all printable pdfs are linked right there for you as well. Another suggestion is to create a travel poster about their trip.

BookBites is a culinary way to experience the story line of the book. And of course Around the World has plenty of places to try different foods. LitWits had one food suggestion and said to eat mangoes and watching a travel video for this book. But this got me thinking about food and we ate British food (Shepherd's Pie), Indian food (Chicken Mahkani) and maki when we got to Japan.

Takeaways is the area where you can explore topics beyond the book. The two suggestions to study further were Geography and British Colonialism, and honor, a character trait that really fits Phileas Fogg. There are suggestions for things to talk about with lots of links. Here is part of the Takeaway page:

The other tabs are the actual Handouts needed to complete the activities and Learning Links about the author. The Story Supplements are extensive and many of the links include an overview of the different countries.

There is also an audiovisual collection that I really appreciated:

These all lead to Pinterest and to lots of resources on the internet.

And finally the Quotes. There are seven different quotes here that you can use for copy work, memorization, or to just be inspired.

So how did we use this? I would read a chapter of the book each day we do literature, which is two to three days a week. I would look over the kit and see what we could use that day. We were very consistent using the passport and following their location on a map.

At times I would have her memorize a quote or we would do some extra internet research.

Here she is above, looking at a slideshow of the sights in India from one of the links in the kit.

We are almost done with the book now, and she is quite excited to fill up the passport.

For this review I also looked over the kit for All Creatures Great and Small.

Now this is written by one of my favorite authors, James Herriot, and is classic British humor. Nutsy has not read it yet so I am looking forward to reading it with her next.

The kit for All Creatures is put together the same way and with the same tabs.

There were lots of fun props for this one.

The projects for this book were a collage to make about being a veterinarian. And then a fun one: Veterinarians sometimes have to race out in the middle of the night to help their patients, so a fun relay type game is described here.

I did notice that a couple of the activities in this kit were for groups of children, which might be harder if you are only teaching this to one student. But this would then make this perfect for a homeschooling co-op setting.

I loved seeing that they had lots of animal anatomical charts on Pinterest to utilize as well.

So we did really love these kits! They do a great job of making a book come alive. And these suggestions are just that, suggestions, and can be built upon, as we did with adding other fun food from our own personal cookbooks when we studied Around the World in 80 days.

The website is very well organized and very easy to navigate. I was quite impressed with the ease of looking through all of the resources.

The other thing that I really loved about this resource is that whenever they suggest a prop or something hands on, they link to a source to purchase it at. Having all that work already done for me is a huge help!

And other Crew members got to pick other books to review kits of, so check out what they thought by clicking below.

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  1. A big LitWits thank you for this wonderful overview of our kits! It’s been a real treat for us to read about your experience with Phileas Fogg and the gang, and especially loved how you expanded on the projects and ideas we offered. How great that you dined your way around the world! :D That’s one of the best things about homeschooling, right? Such freedom to make things extra special. We hope you and Nutsy have a great time with the rest of your kits ... we’d love to hear and see more from your journey through great books! Thank you again, and happy reading :) Becky and Jenny


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