Party, Party

We celebrated a couple of birthdays this last week at our house. (Nutsy and Me.)

One thing that she requested was a pinata. Now we haven't done one of these in a few years. This used to be the big thing we would do with the older kids when they were young and we tend to kick it up a notch.

First off, getting blindfolded. (Blindfolds in our home are usually long scarves from the scarf basket in the garage.)

She did not know we actually got a pinata for her this year, so this was her first look at it.

Blindfold back on so that the pinata smacking can begin.

My Sweetie controls the pinata and makes it a challenge to hit.

Whoops, that was a miss.

After a few hits, and we lost the plastic loop on top.

This ALWAYS happens to our pinatas. The solution? We make a couple of holes in the top of the pinata and then thread the rope through it.

Back up and running.

My birthday is the day after Nutsy's, so they all insisted I had a turn.

I did make contact a couple of times.

Kaitlyn wanted to have a go.

And finally the big guns came out: Dad.

At this point we usually lose the rope because the head falls off. What always happens next is this: We take the pinata down and turn it into a large baseball.


This really makes sure that there is literally no candy left in that thing.

Nutsy's haul.

The only problem with doing it this way is that every now and then you get a piece of candy like this:

The birthday girl.

 And, just because this totally made me laugh, I had to share this photo.

Kaitlyn made her birthday cake, which was a chocolate trifle.

Our pinatas over the years....

My Sweetie's turn....

Party, party.


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