My Week In Images and Words

My Week...

Earlier this week we got together with three other couples. These friends are very dear to us, and encourage us, make us laugh, and help carry our burdens. We did some food and wine pairing and had a lovely afternoon.

Seen on a walk: Lavender. I love the scent of these beauties. And these were just in the landscaping of our neighborhood, nothing special, yet quite beautiful in a simple way. Reminding me to look for the simple beauty and be thankful for it.

These girls. Parenting older children is so challenging, joyful, tearful, and everything else in between. It is also one of the most sanctifying journeys ever, and drives me to God's grace, His sovereignty and prayer. But, I would do nothing to change where we are right now, in this season of life.

Experimenting in the kitchen. This is how I chill after a long day. These lovely things were pork loin ribs, with an amazing dry rub. Slow baked in the oven and then grilled and basted with a homemade BBQ sauce. YUM.

And finally, this moment. All six of us together. It is happening less and less, and now that our son is moving farther away, it will not be often much at all. I'm savoring these precious moments. Life does move on, and each stage is just as exciting.