{Homeschool Product Review} ~ Elementary Math Games

Math can get quite dry, real fast. But playing math games can make this boring subject become more fun and make math learning much easier.

I received Elementary Math Games from The Critical Thinking Co. to review. This book has within it, twenty different math games to play.

To help you figure out which ones will help your students, there is a handy chart at the end of the book that tells what concepts are covered in each game. These skills include:

  • number sense
  • operational skills practice
  • place value
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • math vocabulary and symbols
Perfect for your elementary students.

At the beginning of the book is a short section that explains when and how to use this book. And conveniently, there is also a math glossary as well. 

For each game there is a list of materials needed and an overview. There are also detailed instructions.

There are even examples given, which makes it easy to play each game.

I am finding I am a very visual person, so seeing this really helped me to teach my girls how to play.

After the game are the reproducible pages. But you can also use the web address located in the book and download the printables for each game. The only other materials  you do need to do all games are pencil, paper, index cards, a whiteboard, a die, and at times a colored spinner, a clothesline and clothespins, and snap cubes.

I chose to do this with Nutsy. She is doing 6th grade math so was at the higher end of the age range for this product.

The first game we tried was Place Cards. I printed out the game sheet and all of the cards. We rolled a dice and then drew a card, which told her exactly where to place the number.

We took turns, and then when we had filled in all the blanks, the winner was the one who had the largest number.

Another game we tried was Bingo. There were actually nine versions of this game - you could do decimals, fractions, Roman numerals, and a few other versions as well.

The Bingo cards are blank, so the student randomly puts the possible answers in the squares. This means that the games can be played over and over again, with different results.

Here we were playing the positive integer bingo. I would ask her a verbal math question and she placed her penny on the correct box.

I really want my girls to be able to do mental math so we also tried a game called Math in A Circle. I gave her a starting number, and then she began with card #1 and had to mentally do the problem.

Then I picked up card #2 and did what that card asked to the answer.

We had to increase, decrease, divide and multiply as well. The book does suggest that you play this game with a group of ten, and give each person one of the cards. We modified that by just playing it back and forth.

All of these games are all lots of fun and help to review elementary math! I really appreciated that there are examples for each game. The instructions are clear and I had no trouble learning the games to teach them to Nutsy. I also really liked it that they provided a download to reproduce the game sheets and cards. Because of this, you can truly play these over and over again. And there are more than 20 games in here! Quite a few have different variations, which are perfect for different levels of elementary math.

In the past I have reviewed Dare to Compare and Language Smarts. Elementary Math Games adds to the amazing collection of products from The Critical Thinking Co. 

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