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I was recently given the opportunity to review two online games from EdAlive. I received access to Typing Tournament Online and to Maths Invaders Online.

These products combine two elements of learning: games and online learning. I absolutely love using games in our schooling. Some subjects can be hard to learn, but when you play a game to learn, it makes it so much easier, not only to learn but to teach as well.

The first one we tried was Math Invaders Online. You can choose the level or zone, for your child.

You have three different options when you log in as a student:

Galactic Campaign - This is a game, where you are defending yourself from the Math Invaders. To do this you enter the answers to different math problems and "shoot" the problem. Each time you answer correctly, the problem disappears and another one takes its place.

Space Rescue - this game is like a form of battleship. You answer questions to charge your battery, and then use the battery to uncover squares, looking for the ships.

To play Space Rescue you do need to do enough work in the Galactic Campaign. Space Rescue is a kind of reward for doing the work in the first game.

Practice - this is exactly what it sounds like, practicing math facts. Here you will play Galactic Campaign but the student is able to choose both the topic and level.

Students from grade levels K through 10 will benefit from this program. For the youngest level, the questions start out very basic and are just counting different objects that are shown.

Another feature that I really loved was that you could print out worksheets for your student to do as well. Not only is Nutsy typing in the correct answers but she is also writing them as well. I also explored the site with my teacher account. In there I was also able to track her progress and see how many problems she had done.

We also received access to Typing Tournament Online. This is a fun typing program that is interactive and not only teaches typing but lets you practice as well.

I loved that the introduction began with a few screens showing proper posture. We found the program easy to navigate. There are lessons that teach you typing, beginning of course, with Home Row.

One thing I did like about the lessons was that they showed the text at the top and then also spoke the text in the lesson as well.

We did not spend as much time in the typing program as we did in the math one, but she did get through the first lesson and some of the drills. When doing the drills, if a mistake was made, there was a beep heard on the program. I also liked it that on the tests you could use the back key and correct your mistakes. And the tests are only 3 minutes long which makes it not too repetitive.

You are also earning badges, which Nutsy really liked to do. I found it gave her incentive to continue on in the program. The lessons are definitely slow and steady, and only introduce 4 keys at a time. And as you progress through the lessons, there are games to play as well.

I did really like both of these programs. Turning mundane subjects into fun, online games is a big plus for me. Learning can be fun at times and I was excited to see Nutsy's enthusiasm as she did the the math games and typing lessons.

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