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We are still doing some schooling during the summer. The coming year we are studying modern history, so when I was given the opportunity to review a product from Home School in the Woods I chose something from that time period.

Home School in the Woods

I was given Time Travelers: World War II which is in the Time Travelers American History series. This comes as a download and is meant for grades 3-8. When you open the download it actually opens an internet window and you access all of the files from there.

Each lesson focuses on a topic of World War II and moves chronologically through the war. Each lesson first starts with the text pages. These are to be read and are a synopsis of the event or period of time. Then the projects begin. Each day has a few projects to complete.

Many of these projects will go into a lapbook. If you are unfamiliar with lapbooks, they are manila file folders that are opened up. Then different paper projects are glued down to the folder. These projects have information on them. They can also have flaps or pockets with information on them.

The completed project, ready to go into the lapbook.

Another great feature of this series is the timeline. Throughout the lessons your student will be placing figures on the timeline. The timeline actually begins in 1919 and goes through 1950. Havign a visual line to see historical events really helps to understand the timing of events in the war.

They will also be adding to a newspaper. They will write from the perspective from a military journalist and write about the different people and conflicts in the war. And they are encouraged to mix up their reporting and do interviews, first-hand accounts, and other articles. There are even advertisements in the newspaper!

There is also a penmanship page in each lesson. There are also different choices of printable lined paper to do the copying on.

As you can see there is lots of hands on stuff to do. But what is great about their lesson plan is that every fifth day is a project day. Here, you are not adding any new information or topics, but are only working on existing projects. And, the instructions actually tell you that you do not need to do every single project in the files.

So how did we use this?

I used this three days a week with Nutsy.

We would read the text pages together. The text is only two pages long and would take us about 15 to 20 minutes to read. After that we would add our timeline figures to our timeline.

Nutsy liked coloring each of the figures. She next did a penmanship page. These are famous quotes from the war.

We would then do a project. In this one below, we added arrows to a map of Europe.

For this project it is suggested to use acetate paper and make overlays so that you can see how Germany took over Europe. We were not able to get some, but instead I printed multiple copies of the map and we added the arrows to see it progress that way.

One day the project was playing Language Card Bingo.

It is amazing when you really do think of all of the languages and nations participating in World War II.

Another fun project was to create a Service Record. These were typically filled out by the families of those who were serving, and kept as a memento of the places and things they did.

We had fun creating a pretend profile for our family member that was serving in the Air Force.

I have reviewed product from Home School in the Woods and at times, I felt there was a need for a schedule. So I was very happy to see one laid out in my files to print!

Having the lesson schedule like this made it very easy to not only assemble all of the required pages for each lesson, but to also assign projects to Nutsy.

There are 25 different lessons. The suggested amount of time that this takes is 5-10 weeks, but from what we experienced, we were going more on pace to complete all of the lessons in 10 to 12 weeks.

Again, I love things from this company. They are a hands-on history company, and have so many fun things to learn about. There are so many different products they have, for all periods in history.

Home School in the Woods has recently released their Project Passport: Ancient Rome. This can be bundled with the entire Project Passport series - all 5 world history studies.

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