{ #abcblogging } Cooking my Way Through the Alphabet

A couple of years ago I participated in a Blogging Through the Alphabet party. It was lots of fun, but I was pretty random about what I blogged about.

A few of my Crew friends are hosting another Alphabet party and this time, I have decided on a theme. Something near and dear to my stomach heart.

The kitchen.

{Garbure Stew}



Things that need to get in my belly.

{Mediterranean Nachos}

I won't just be sharing recipes, but ideas, tips, and thoughts about kitchens, eating, food, and family.

{family helpers}

I'm looking forward to writing all of this, and also reading all of the other posts from other great bloggers that are participating. 

Here's to cooking, eating, and being in the kitchen.

Hopkins Homeschool