State Fair Memories

This week we are competing at the California State Fair.

I decided to go back into my photo memories and reminisce.

We have been doing this for eight years now.


Mr. Lego was the only one who competed, and it was in rabbits.

This was also the year that we brought in pizzas and then slid down the hill with the empty boxes.

Hanging out with our friends.

Look at these babies!


These were the two competitors.

Our friends also came and we spent one day exploring.

This year we also manned the 4-H booth which was lots of fun.


The older two did rabbit showmanship. State Fair is pretty competitive so we are just happy to not have the rabbit jump off the table.

This year we went to the Fab Four concert. They used to always open our state fair, but they got too popular and this was the last year.

Our favorite exhibit at state fair, The Farm.


The older two did rabbit again.

We always do Read to Ride tickets and save them up and redeem them one day.


This year we transitioned from rabbits to goat. We still entered the rabbit breeding show, but did both market and showmanship in market goat.

Like I said before, state fair is super competitive. We are just happy when we don't make fools out of ourselves out there.

Many times Cow Appreciation Day coincides with state fair, which works really well, since we already have white clothes. All we need to do is add spots.


Dasher joined the goat kids this year. We also were completely out of rabbits so we were only in the big barn.

This year the three older ones did Champion Challenge. This is a written test on a specific species.

Hanging out with my fair peeps.


This was Nutsy's first year at state fair.

A couple of kids shared their ride tickets with me so we could cool off on this water ride.

Hanging with 4-H friends.

This was fun to look back! We'll see what kind of memories we make this week......


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