Family, Friends, and Fun: A Whirlwind Long Weekend {Journal Entry}

The last six days were lots of fun. It kind of felt like we packed in half of the summer into those days.

First off my aunt, uncle, cousins, and cousins-once-removed came for a visit. This was when I was really glad we got a table that extends nice and long.

We took them up to South Lake Tahoe one day. Many times when you get up there in the summer there are afternoon thunderstorms. Not this day.

Not a cloud in the sky.

The kids had a great time playing in the sand and made lots of canals. The water level was the highest I had ever seen it, and when they would dig holes they filled up with water pretty quickly.

Cute cousins.

My aunt and cousins. And a photo bomber.

Cornhole was a huge hit.

And the water was a bit cold, but lots of people braved it.

We really enjoyed our time together. I only see these guys once a year, so we have lots to catch up on.

Dinner was hot dogs. Lots of the grills were missing on the beach, so we improvised.

My plate of yumminess.

This was our view during dinner:

Pope Beach is one of my favorite spots, and we really love coming here.

Their last day we went and saw Cars 3 together.

It was a warm day so the rest of the afternoon we were in the pool.

After dinner games included El Presidente. This game is SUPER fun with lots of people.

It was a short trip, but wonderful to see this part of my family!

The very next day we went to visit our dear friends from North Carolina, who were staying with family a bit south of us. We went to church together in Sonora, and then headed to Pinecrest Lake.

This was 4th of July weekend so the beach was crowded. We walked a ways around the lake and found a neat spot.

All of the kids on the big rock near us.

My friend Karra and I. Many times we have been told that we look like sisters.

These friends are very dear to us, we have so much in common and pack lots of conversations into our short time together.

Every time we are together we take photos. We met them over 17 years ago, when there were only three kids and the oldest was only 3.

Now look at them.

We had a day to do laundry and just hang as a family, and then we were headed up to our annual 4th of July party at our friend's home.

I love these ladies so much. They are encouraging and so fun to be with.

This is where the kids were.

More lovely people.

 We ended the day with a huge platter of barbecue ribs and fixings.

I really love these crazy people.

And that was the end to our whirlwind six days. Lots of  wonderful people, fun times and good conversations.


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