So something horrid happened this last Monday.....my phone went swimming in the pool.

I take full responsibility, yes it was ME. I was with Nutsy and since it was 105 degrees that day, I was bringing water bottles and a couple of future homeschooling curriculum books too. I put my phone in my swim suit pocket so I could carry all this stuff. We walked into the pool area, it was blazing hot, I dropped the stuff I was holding and jumped in.

Goodbye, phone. Yes, I tried the rice. I also got some of those packets that keep moisture out and even today, it's sealed up in a bag with a few of them. Each evening I take it out and try and nada, nothing happens, it is as dead as dead can be.

So I've been unplugged the last few days. No checking my weather app. No need to, all I need to do is to step outside and feel that it is 110 degrees out there. No calls either, but I really don't talk on the phone anyways. No checking Facebook, Instagram, or getting notified whenever anything happens with our politicians, or there is an attack somewhere, or anything news worthy.

I am not completely cut off since each morning I check all of these things on my laptop. But then I don't just sit around all day, staring at the screen and I do shut it off and get on with things.

I really thought I would miss being plugged in. But the last few days I have realized that my world keeps going even though I don't know the exact temperature, or see constant Facebook updates. In my free time I have found myself reading more. I have actually read three books so far and we aren't even done with the week yet. I have felt a bit more productive this week, which scares me a little. How much time was I really spending checking things on there?

What conversations have I maybe missed out on with my kids, because I was sitting in the same room, but we were both on our phones or devices? Of course I'm not meaning that we should always be engaging others, but this time has made me stop and think about this.

What about not knowing what is going on in the world? Really, I can check the news and Facebook each morning and that is fine. If something catastrophic happens, isn't that what our whole emergency broadcast system is for?

Of course I am looking to replace my phone - it would be dumb not to, but I am surprised to be enjoying this time without one. Our family has a rule that I now really appreciate - except for emergencies, we don't have the phones out on Sundays. I now see how many other things I can fill my time with, if not on my phone.

So I encourage you to take a break. Don't jump into a pool with your phone, but maybe rethink how often you are checking things on it.


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