County Fair 2017 ~ Part 2


This is lamb day. The lamb show starts at 8 am, but FFA was first this year so we have time to get ready.

This was my morning tea in the barn.

The girls washed their lambs and got them all ready.

Market was first.

Everyone did very well, and Bookworm made it into the final drive of the Hamps.

In between shows there were some competitive card games going on.

Nutsy had a headache so she made herself a bed and took a nap.


Nutsy was first in juniors and got 6th place.

Dasher and Bookworm were both in seniors.

Our fair is pretty competitive in lamb and they got 4th and 5th. Very nice job!

This year, Dasher was our family's top showman, with 3rd in goat showmanship and 4th in lamb showmanship.

This evening our dinner was a nice homemade taco salad. We took it out and ate by the horse arena.

Saturday we were at fair, but didn't really have too many obligations. The girls hung out and then in the afternoon took the Purple Circle Test. This is a written knowledge test on all large animals.

Saturday afternoon we had some paper airplane competitions.

Sunday we are at the fair, bright and early, to get ready for the auction. This morning we did another project breakfast. We had a real treat this morning, with bagels and all the fixings.

Not only do we get the animals ready, but the girls get ready too.

This is the day when buyers are walking around, and so we get all ready before 9 am so that all the members in my project have time to go talk to buyers.

A great bunch of girls!

This buyer was looking at our sheep and also was quite knowledgeable about showmanship, so kindly gave some advice to them.

Many people actually use the Junior Livestock Auction as their meat source. The kids that participate in these programs are trained to treat their animals humanely, to feed them correctly, and basically baby these animals during their life.

I love the relationships that my kids form with business owners and buyers....Dasher's lamb was bought by a large company in Sacramento that has bought our animals before, and when she went to thank him, he talked with her for a bit and gave her a huge hug.

My 2016-17 Market Goat Project.

And the 2016-17 Market Lamb Project.

Tonight we say our goodbyes to the auction animals - they leave late tonight.

Nutsy and Canyon.

Monday is clean out day. In the morning my whole project comes to clean out the auction animal's stalls. We are there all day again, but the highlight of the afternoon is master showmanship. For the first time in four years no one from our family was in this competition, so we got to enjoy just watching it. Our friend won 4-H master, and Nutsy's FFA friend did very well and got 3rd in FFA.

We finally get released, and it's a mad rush to clean out stalls, pack everything up, and load animals. This year was not too bad and we were home by 7:30 pm.

Another fair is done. Again, I see SO MANY life lessons that we learn. How to deal with disappointment. How to help others. How much we all need to work together, and how to deal and talk with others: graciously, humbly, and with kindness.

And once again I am very thankful, for those opportunities we have in 4-H and for those who help to make all of this happen.


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