County Fair 2017 ~ Part 1

Another fair is done. As always, we saw friends we only see a couple of times a year, had early mornings, learned lots of lessons, and had successes and disappointments.

Really, we spend an entire week with 4-H related stuff. Monday sees us out  fitting our goats in the morning.

We then headed to another spot where the girls coached three other members in fitting their own goats. All six goats were done by about 5pm.

Lamb was the next day. Lambs take about twice as long as goats do, so we only got two of them done before we had to start loading stuff into Cal Expo.

The first thing we do is lay down these tarps thingys. The stalls can be different sizes so each year, we 'sew' the tarps together using zip ties. I bought the material at Lowe's a few years ago and inserted grommets all around the edge. We put this down so that the animals don't eat the straw we lay down, and get that typical hay fat belly.

We stuff a full bale of straw into each pen under the covers and they are good to go for the whole week. But be warned and stand clear when we clean out on the last day - they do reek by then.

We also decorated our project signs and the kids all made their stall cards.

It's handy having the same color scheme each year - I save everything from year to year and only have to buy a couple replacements.

The next day the animals come in.

This year, our goats were on one side of the big aisle.....

and the lambs on the other side.

We had weigh in all afternoon; everyone made weight and then the girls fit the doe. Fitting does is tricky. It does not take long, but you do certain things, like only shave a strip on the back, and leave the hair all up the legs.

The next day - this would be Thursday - is our first day of competition.

We are there early, by 6:30 am, to clean out and get everything ready.

We did a project breakfast this morning.

This morning it was hard boiled eggs, yogurt, trail mix, and muffins.

One thing I make all my project kids do each morning is to walk their animals for 10-15 minutes.

Then this happens.....

And then we prep the animals and they get into their whites.

All ready to show!

Market was first. Bookworm and Nutsy got third place in both classes. Our fair is pretty competitive so we were really happy with that placing. And the breeder who we bought our goats from was here to watch so that was special too.

We also competed in the club/chapter class and got second place.

Dasher was next in the breed show. She was showing a doe so was not in the market class.

She did very well in her class also.

We had a bit of a break before showmanship so the card playing started up.

Back in the ring in the afternoon for showmanship classes. Since Nutsy had won Junior Master last year she now had to show as a senior in goat and so all three girls were in the same class.

Horrible photo I know, but here you can see all three of them. Final results were Nutsy got 6th, Bookworm got 4th and Dasher got 3rd.

We were really proud of them and their accomplishments in goat this year!

Tonight was pizza night.

After dinner the girls found some friends and all got our animals out to help one another and work them.

This young lady is in FFA and is a freshman in college and this is her last year to show. She and Nutsy always find each other at fair and hang out. Most of the FFA and 4-H kids here are so friendly, polite, and we have made great friendships over the years.

Tomorrow was another early morning, getting ready for all of the lamb competitions.


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