Goat and Sheep Update 2017

As of today, we are T-minus 12 days until fair.

This year is the busiest yet. Each of the three girls has a sheep and a goat. And we are the only other ones that are keeping our animals on our friend's property, so we are out there every single day except Sunday, working, cleaning, and being with the animals. The only way I am doing this without going nuts is that Bookworm now drives, and does three days a week, while I take the girls the other three days.

 {Nutsy and Ariel}

Our gate system has worked really well and we have only had a handful of escapes.

 {tightly shut gates}

With all of the rain it got pretty muddy so we didn't clean out as often as we would have liked. Now that it has been dry for a spell, we've been able to clean out and keep the odor down.

 {hard work}

We are also feeding two kinds of feed and a supplement, which we mix in by hand.

 {feeding them right}

Since we can only sell one animal at fair, three animals are coming home and will hopefully be shown at state fair. Bookworm and Dasher are selling their sheep and Nutsy is selling her goat.

{Fey and Dasher}

We struggled with mites this year and treated them with injections  and topical medication. Bookworm  and I got pretty darned good at giving subcutaneous injections to the goats.

 {Bookworm, working the drive with Scorpius}

The bulk of our time is spent training them. One of our secret weapons is seen below - a mirror. I went to a thrift store and found one for cheap. This way, the girls can see how they look in a mirror, how the legs are set and if the top line is good.

 {looks good}

We'll have good days and bad - I tell them it is 2 steps forward and 1 backwards. And it does seem like that - we'll have two great days and then next have a bad day, where the goat jumps, refused to walk, or won't drive. But the girls know they need to show them who is boss, and work with them until the y have a good moment. 

{showmanship practice}

Going back and forth from goat to sheep can be tricky, they are lots of small differences and you drive and brace them in totally different ways.

 {good job}

We also love on our animals lots. These guys are babied and really taken care of. 

{goat hugs}

So it will only get busier, but it is a good busy, as we learn life lessons, do hard work, and have a great time.


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