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I love teaching history! So when Drive Thru History® asked me to review  Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” I knew it would be lots of fun to check out.

Drive Thru History

What It Is:

This is a DVD educational series. There are three discs with a total of 18 episodes. The episodes, which are a half hour in length, focus on a topic from the Gospels. They move chronologically and begin with the announcement of Christ's coming. Other episodes cover Jesus' early life, his teachings, miracles, travels, The Last Supper, his Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

Drive Thru History The Gospels

Now please do not think these are just boring lectures on the Gospels. The teacher/narrator of the series is Dave Stotts. He does an excellent job of bringing these stories to life, and gives lots of historical notes about the events in the Gospel. He actually recorded the episodes in the Holy Land which my girls thought was fascinating. In one episode he is standing at the city limits to Nazareth, on the side of a six-lane highway. To think that Jesus walked in this very place really brings the Gospel to life.

He visits many sites in the area and walks through olive groves, city streets, and churches that now stand on historic landmarks.

Drive Thru History The Gospels

He also uses lots of artwork through the series as well. At times I do struggle with images of God and Christ, but it is not overwhelming, and truly, it is art.


As he moves through the timeline of the Gospels, he gives lots of historical insight and background to the stories. These are quite captivating, and we all would sit and eagerly watch this intriguing series.

How We Used This and What We Thought:

Three days a week, the girls and I would sit and watch an episode. A couple of times I would pause the DVD to ask questions or do some explaining. We loved the cinematography. It was done very professionally and the graphics and art shown were top notch. I thought it was so neat that he was actually in Israel; we really loved seeing theses places that were so important in the Gospels as they look today. At one point he crossed the border into Palestine and we saw how modern people are living there today.

The DVD's come in a very well made DVD case that includes a study guide. There is a summary of each episode with thought questions and scriptures to read. So after we watched each episode, we would discuss the questions. These pertained directly to the content that was in the episode and brought out some great discussions. My girls also read the suggested scripture passages on their own, after we had finished the questions.

I really loved this high quality DVD series! Dave Stotts really makes this period in history come alive and opens up areas of the Holy Land. The series was also from more of a historical perspective, so families from different Christian denominations would all be comfortable watching this.

I was also excited to see that Drive Thru History® has other series including The Holy Land, American History, and Ancient History. We watched the preview for the American History one and I am adding that to our list of wants for curriculum for next year.

I don't know if our family will ever visit Israel, but watching this series, with the informative and interesting narration, was the next best thing.

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