Meet the Menagerie

4-H season is upon us again, whether we are ready or not. (Not)

Almost all of the animals are at The Farm, so I thought I would introduce them to you.

This year, each girl is taking both a goat and a lamb.

Bookworm's lamb is named Archie.

He is a Suffolk, and right now weighs about 85 pounds. She is wearing gloves because we had to live-vaccinate the lambs for sore mouth. It can pass to humans so we used gloves for the first few weeks.

Here is her goat Scorpius. He is a Boer goat that she purchased from one of our favorite breeders.

Dasher's lamb is coming tomorrow! She is super excited to work with him. She does help work with the other animals too.

Her goat is still at another farm because she was only born 6 weeks ago, and has not weaned yet. But that is going to be fine, as she is showing her in the feeder class, so there is not minimum weight.

Nutsy absolutely loves her goat Canyon. He is already 59 pounds and walks really well.

She is working to build up his endurance for driving each time we go out to work with them.

Nutsy's lamb is named Ariel. She has been getting him used to having his back legs touched.

4-H is a sacrifice, but I have found that my kids learn so, so many good things through this.

We are feeding 6 afternoons a week, so either Bookworm or myself drive the 17 minutes (yes, we kept track one time) to The Farm.

We have numbered the pens and each day the girls monitor the feed the goats are getting.

Every couple of weeks we weight them all, which happens out of the back of my mini van.

Each time they go out to feed, they spend 30-45 minutes working with their animals. Even when we had so much rain a couple of weeks ago, Nutsy was so determined to work through it that she put a scarf around Canyon so he wouldn't get cold while she trained him.

The girls are determined to place in showmanship, and they all want to see if they can get into the final drive in the market class. 

This take time. And sacrifice. But hard work will pay off, and through this whole process my girls are learning this. 


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