Homeschool Co-op 2016-17

I was looking back through my blog posts and realized that I have never blogged about our co-op this year.

It is the smallest it has ever been, with only 6 children. Only Nutsy and Dasher are in it this year - Bookworm is finishing up high school and also took a total of three college classes over two semesters.

This year, my friend taught through Apologia's Exploring Creation Through Astronomy.

Each week the kids fill in their notebooks and read the text.

Then when we get together weekly, they do fun experiments.

Here they were showing how a solar eclipse works.

Making volcanoes, since there are volcanoes on Mars.

Here they were making clouds to show what the gas planets are like.

And just this last week they made ice cream, using ziploc bags. This was in honor of Neptune, the coldest planet.

We split our year into two 12-week sections. The first 12 weeks I taught a unit study from Homeschool in the Woods on Elections. This was perfect timing, since we were going through our own Presidential elections.

Here, we marked all of the states after the election.

The second half of our co-op year, my friend did a unit study on The Constitution.

Each week she would talk about a different aspect and then they would complete components of their lapbook. She did supplement and added things that they are currently learning about the Bill of Rights.

I spent the whole year teaching both grammar and writing.

For grammar we finished up level one of IEW's Fix It Grammar, and halfway through, began book 2.

In writing we focused on the second half of IEW Student Writing Intensive Level B. We really worked on 5 paragraph essays, perfecting topic and clincher sentences, and having solid introductions and conclusions. When appropriate, I would assign them essays on signers of the constitution, or the presidential candidates, so that it combined what they were learning in their other classes.

And in just a few short weeks, we will be done with co-op for this year! We do plan on continuing this next year. So far we haven't done too much planning, but I plan to finish up the Fix It Grammar Level 2 and than I am looking into taking a break from SWI and doing History-Based writing lessons. We will most likely add something science that my friend will teach, and then each of us will choose an elective type subject to teach each semester.

I am very thankful for our co-op and the discipline and opportunities it gives our family!


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