This Week At My House

This week.....

We started the week by watching a great Super Bowl. We are football nuts over here, and wanted to see a good game. This year did not disappoint. And this is how I watched it: with my fuzzy blanket and a glass of wine.

The next day we went up north a ways to pick up a goat for Nutsy.

Dasher made friends with this little doe.

Nutsy and Canyon.

This week we also had music lessons. Nutsy is really determined to master violin and practices 30-45 minutes every day.

One evening we had our 4-H Officer Meeting. These kids meet monthly and plan an agenda for our club meetings. Great life skills.

One day Bookworm came home from her class with this. This semester she is taking an intermediate art class and is really doing very well.

We have been getting an incredible amount of rain this year. As in, we are no longer in a drought, but now dealing with too much water. Here is the river near our house - it is usually quite calm and much lower.

Wednesday we had co-op - the kids learned about Saturn in astronomy, the signers of the Constitution in history, and we learned about proper letter writing in our writing class.

Now that we have a goat we are out there working with him and Nutsy is determined to work rain or shine. So here she is, in the rain, walking Canyon. She even gave him a scarf so he wouldn't get too cold.

And finally today, coffee with my oldest girl while we ran an errand. Having older children comes with its own set of challenges and I am working hard to continue to work on relationships with my kids as they get older.


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