Ten on Ten (Well......Maybe Not Quite)

Sometimes I feel like I run out of blog entries. So yesterday morning I was brainstorming and realized it was the tenth.

So I endeavored to take one photo an hour and do a Ten on Ten.

We started out well.


{ my morning cup of tea}

 {doing some school work before heading out on an errand}


 {my view, as we drive up north}

11am -12pmish 

 {in the rain and mud, checking out goats for this year}


 {piano practice}

between 3 and 5pm??

 {never ending laundry}

7pm (I know this because that is when our 4-H meeting starts)

 {playing a game at our fun meeting}

And that's it.

Sometimes the days goes like that. I start out great, with a very productive schedule for the whole day. We go for a few hours, and then the whole thing collapses because of a long conversation with a child, an unexpected phone call, a mess in the kitchen I wasn't planning on (when are messes ever planned?!?) a lost book that is overdue at the library, or a tree down in the middle of the road because of all the rain (this one really happened yesterday). 

Life happens, and even though we make the best of plans, some days they work and some days they don't. 

That is why I am thankful for grace. And thankful that each day, His mercies are new.


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