Mr. Lego is now smack in the middle of WOT 2.

What He's Learning and Doing:

This is the week his flight starts coming together. One of the most important things they are learning is teamwork so his flight is doing drills to learn how to best work together to succeed. This week he is also learning how to handle his weapon, drill movements, classes in leadership, safety, and ethics. You can see a video about WOT 2 here

Each training squadron has a different mascot, motto and color. His flight is in the Wolfpack and their motto is "May God Have Mercy on the Wolfpack's Prey". Makes you want to give that squadron a second thought before you mess with it, right?

The color of the Wolfpack is black which is really cool, because that is Mr. Lego's favorite color. When we went and got the list of stuff he needed to bring to BMT, the color he chose for his towels and notebook was black, so he'll fit right into that squadron.

What We're Learning:

I am learning through the AF Wingmoms Facebook page about how important letter writing is. Ever since he left we have written him one letter a day, except for those two days we were gone last week camping. And what do we write him about? Everything that we are doing. Which can be at times dull.

So this is where I am thankful for the ideas that the admins keep posting in our group. Some of these ideas are letters from pets, letters from sports equipment (At some point when I feel the creative juices flowing I'll have his basketball write him a letter.), drawings from kids, and so much more. We can send clean jokes, photos rated G, scripture verses, and funny sayings. I have copied some inspirational memes to my letters, and photos of wolves to keep him inspired.

But the best idea so far is the Questionnaire.

Each week I am sending him a list of about ten questions, with either a one word fill-in-the-blank, or multiple choice answers.

Here are a couple of them from WOT 1.....

Food is:                          Great                    Good                     Okay                      Inedible

My MTI is:                    Awesome           Okay                      The Grinch          No comment

What you miss most:      TV                           Phone                   Me                         Sleep

Each week an admin posts questions to ask the trainees, based on what they are doing that week. I also included a self addressed stamped envelope so it is super easy for him to send it back. We'll see if he writes back.....

And the letters sent to him shouldn't be too long - they only have a few minutes to read.

What We're Doing:

Well, life moves on even though you are now five around the dinner table instead of the usual six. Bookworm has been using Mr. Lego's car to practice her driving so his car is getting used. As far as graduation, I think we are set. We have our airline tickets, hotel and rental car reservations all figured out.

Basically at this point we are doing a lot of praying and letter writing. The girls try to write him a couple of times a week - this week Bookworm took a couple of blank pieces to the retirement community that Mr. Lego worked at. They filled two whole pages with their notes and she sent it off in the mail yesterday. And each week on Monday we gather around the computer and watch the weekly video, which does a great job of describing what they are doing.

I am doing good - I do miss him, but I am so excited for him and his future. And as always, thank you for your prayers!

The Journey Begins


  1. This is so eye opening for me, Charlotte!
    What a wonderful encouragement and resource for me to pocket away for the future... perhaps for when my oldest flies the nest... it will happen before I know it. (((hugs)))


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