We are over halfway there!

 And the big news of the week:


Yes, Mr. Lego called us on the very first day of WOT4.

He was able to talk for 15 minutes, and told us lots of what was going on. He loves the drilling and marching, but the flight needs to work on dorm neatness. He likes the food, and was excited to get his Blues the week before. He was looking forward to BEAST week, and chamber training in this coming week. It was great to hear his voice! He sounded confident and like he was actually enjoying his time at BMT.

What He's Learning:

The theme of WOT 4 is Preparing For Combat. They are getting all ready for WOT 5, which is BEAST week. (I'll write about that next week, of course.)

They are outside more this week, learning combat moves, defense, firing positions, tactical movement and cover and concealment. They are also learning principals of first aid, and the one crazy thing they are learning?

Chamber Training.

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Yes, they'll get all suited and masked up, get gassed, and then remove their masks, so they understand what it means to get tear gassed. And in his phone call, Mr. Lego said he was looking forward to this.....I guess he is in the right place.

You can see an overview of WOT 4 here.

What We're Learning:

Every trainee is given a job at BMT. These jobs range from Latrine Queen (hey, it needs to be done) to Shoe/Chair Aligners, to different monitors and crews, that all maintain the dorm. You can see the list of jobs at BMT here. 

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In one of his first letters Mr. Lego mentioned that he had been chosen by his MTI to be Element Leader. The EL is chosen because they show leadership tendencies or military knowledge (Good for Mr. Lego!). Basically the EL is in charge of 12-14 trainees and makes sure that all of them carry out all instructions from the MTI or Dorm Chief. The bad thing is that the EL's get yelled at when their element messes up, so the job can have a high turnover. (No fun for Mr. Lego.)

He did confirm in his phone call that he was still Element Leader which is great, but if he changes jobs later on it doesn't hurt him and would give him experience in other areas.

What We're Doing: 

Well now that we have gotten the WOT4 phone call, the phone is literally at my side at all times. On my Facebook group all of the family members in his flight got their calls within a half hour period. The next day the sister flight was able to call home again, which made me check my phone and make sure it was right there with the battery full. Heaven help us if I go out of range or am in the shower or something, you don't want to ever miss a call.

Thanks again for coming on this journey with us, and keep praying for him!

The Journey Begins


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