We are now in WOT 3, and almost halfway to graduation!

What He's Learning and Doing:

WOT 3 is when their flight begins to come together. This week they are learning more about combat, anti-terrorism, and force protection. The big news for this week is that they get their second clothing issue.

They get their Blues.

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The other big thing that they receive is their stitched name tape. Now, they actually have a name, and get to use it.

 You can see a video of this week's overview here.

What We're Learning:

This last week I have spent a lot of time exploring. One of the biggest things that I am getting used to is the acronyms.

Seriously, all you young people think you are so cool because you lol and ttyl? The Military's acronyms were around WAY before rotfl, bff, and idk.

Seriously, there is one for just about EVERYTHING.

This page really helped a lot and became my cheat sheet of sorts.

And now I know what this means:

I hope my AB at BMT passes his PFT, gets his VARL submitted, and his whole FLT gets lots of PS&E from family.

What We're Doing:

Reading his letters! Yes, we are getting mail from him. They are short, but so far we have received 4 letters. He says he is doing well even though it is hard, and the weather is hot. His first letter cracked me up because it was jumbled with random sentences - it was written in the first week which is one of the most stressful ones. In three different spots he asked us to write him, send photos, please, more letters.

Getting letters makes us all the more eager to send letters to him - since he has left we have only missed two days and other than that, sent at least one per day.

Thank you again for your prayers.....graduation will be here before we know it!

The Journey Begins


  1. I am glad all is coming together for your son and that you are doing well in the midst of it. May the Lord continue to give all of you grace and peace. :-)

  2. My nephew graduated from there a few months ago. What a sweet boy to send his mama some letters.

    It's amazing how fast our babies grow up!

  3. Graduation is a great accomplishment. Glad you enjoyed it.


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