So as of last Sunday, Mr. Lego entered WOT 1. (Week of Training 1)

What He's Learning and Doing:

He is learning how to report, Air Force History 101, fitness and nutrition, dental and medical appointments, drilling, and he gets his very own M-16. I read that the gun they get is exactly like a real one - it weighs the same and breaks down and can be cleaned - only it won't fire. That kind of gun comes later.

This site has a video and the complete list of what he is up to this week.

What We're Learning:

This whole military thing is brand spanking new to us, so each week I am reading and learning new stuff. This week, I found out that there are three different categories of airmen at BMT. Those that are in the Air Force full time, those that are in the Air Force Reserves, and those that are in the Air National Guard. The main difference between the Reserves and Guard is that the Reserves are run by the federal government, while the Guard is run by the state.

What We're Doing:

Sending letters, at least one a day. Exactly one week after he left, we got the standard pre-printed postcard from him that matched what he told me on the phone. But then through the Facebook group I am a part of, all the moms who have airmen in Mr. Lego's flight were comparing and our groups were sent (and told by our airmen) the wrong unit number. So the military is not perfect and mistakes are made (It was a 9 not a 5), and I am thankful we caught it early. The veteran military moms on the page are assuring us that even with the wrong number they should get their mail.

We also had a little surprise. I had always assumed that since BMT is 8.5 weeks long, that they would graduate in that last week. Thankfully, through that same private Facebook group, I found out that they graduate at the end of week 7.  

So glad we figured that one out!

This week we purchased our airplane tickets for My Sweetie and I, and figured out our hotel and rental car situation. Southwest turned out to be the airline to go with, since you can transfer your flight to another week if they get bumped. You do have to pay the difference if there is a price increase. And we decided to stay near River Walk in San Antonio.

7 1/2 weeks to go......


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