V is for View of my Week

Here was my week last week, courtesy of Instagram

Sunday we spent the day at a park with friends. There was some friendly basketball, baseball, and photo bombers.

Monday morning school looked like this....we try to do math first thing in the mornings to get it out of the way.

That afternoon we headed to the goat farm to work with the animals and feed.....the halters, chains, and other supplies stay nice and neat in this bin in my car.

Tuesday we started a new art program from Artistic Pursuits. We are also in the middle of this great book about Martin Luther.

I was going to be out in the afternoon so I started dinner in my trusty slow cooker. We were having yummy gyros that night.

Almost every evening we go for a walk. And this was just too pretty to not take a photo of.

Wednesday was our last co-op meeting of the year! I gave a final writing assignment to my writing classes and we had a fun candy quiz in our Fossil/Geology class.

It is strawberry season here, so we got some treats today.

And here is my crazy child, swimming in the unheated pool.

Thursday was a work with goats day. It was our turn to clean out pens and the girls really worked the goats.

These beauties, picked that afternoon by a sweet girl, made me smile.

Friday in school we did some copywork from HomeschoolCopywork. Love these printables!

That afternoon we had piano lessons.

And then out to the goat farm to give one last injection to a goat. Today, Bookworm (my project teen leader) gave an injection for the very first time.

Fridays are pizza nights.....tonight it was Chicken Pesto and Italian Sausage Veggie.

Saturday was driving lesson day.

We also had a visit from the cousins, and the girls had a great afternoon and evening hanging out together.

And our Saturday night treat? Adult Root Beer Floats.

Just a normal week at our house......

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