T is for Tea

You knew T was going to be for Tea.

I adore tea. I will choose it over coffee, and have a cup almost every morning and one or two more during the day.

Some things about Tea......

The water needs to start cold and fresh

This really is true. Water that has already been heated has a different taste to it, and so start with cold water. When I go to fill my teapot, I let the water run from the faucet for a minute or two; that way I don't have any taste from the faucet or pipes.

Water temperature is important 

This is one of my pet peeves. If I am making black tea, then the water must be at a rolling boil. Not just steaming, but totally, all-out bubbling. This is why I can't heat up my tea water in a microwave, but will put it into a saucepan if I have to. Different teas have different brewing temperatures. If I am making green or oolong, the temperature needs to be cooler since it is ruined if you use boiling water. Both of these teas, especially green tea, becomes bitter if you use boiling water. What I do is bring my water to a boil in my teapot. Then I shut the burner off and let the pot sit for a couple of minutes before I pour it. That brings the temperature down a bit.

{peppermint tea}

Brew time

 Again, this depends on the kind of tea. In my opinion green tea is the most sensitive, and I only brew mine for a couple minutes. You do have to experiment with how much tea you are using. Black teas are longer, maybe 3 to 5 minutes, but they can get bitter and the longer they brew the more caffeine they contain. Rooibos tea just keeps getting darker and stronger, but the great thing about rooibos is that it is naturally caffeine free. An herbal tea can steep forever. Of course you would have a very potent tea, but if you are only steeping herbal tea alone, it will not get bitter at all. 


 Loose vs. bagged? 

So this might surprise you, but I like both. Certain black teas are wonderful bagged, but I will only drink green tea that is loose. That is just my preference and how I like it. The great thing about using loose herbal blends is that you can re use the leaves over and over. You just need to let it steep a bit longer each time. You can't do that with green or black tea as the leaves are one time use, and the taste has changed with a second brewing. My favorite way to drink herbal teas is to brew it in the summer and drink it iced. Sometimes I will do four herbal tea bags to one black one, and make a quart size jar of iced tea and store it in the fridge.

{green tea}


Again, this depends on the tea. With straight black tea, like an English Breakfast, I have about a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. Flavored black teas like Earl Grey or Peach, I have plain, with no additions. If I am in the mood for a spicy chai tea, I have just the smallest bit of cream in the tea. And beware, straight cream does act a little strange in tea. I usually put in a dash of milk or half and half. I am a purest and feel that nothing should be added to green, oolong, or jasmine teas. 

  {chai tea with a splash of milk}

I hope you learned something about tea and that this inspired you to go make a delicious cup of it!

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  1. I HAVE learned some about tea. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I just bought several boxes of tea...I love Earl Grey, and even plain old Lipton!

  3. Glad for the info....now a tea party is needed😊💕


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