S is for Sponges

Sponges soak stuff up. Every nook and cranny fills with whatever is close by.

Same thing with our kids. Which can be good, or bad.

I was reminded of this this last week. We are reviewing a product that has a new method of teaching multiplication. Dasher has some form of dyslexia, and doesn't have the classic reading issues, but does really struggle in math. So this new method, which involves listening, repeating and story images, was a huge breakthrough for her. (Watch for this review! I LOVE this product.)

In only a half hour of intense listening, she had soaked up a bunch of multiplication facts.

This made me think of when they were younger. I would be reading to the older ones, maybe it was historical fiction, or a science book. I would stop and ask a question, aiming it for the level of the older ones, and the youngest one who was playing on the floor and I thought wasn't even paying attention, would have the correct answer.

They soak up a lot.

Good things, like multiplication facts and historical stories.

And on the other hand, they can soak up the bad too; things that they see and hear.

Like when I lose my temper, say things I shouldn't, or waste valuable time throughout the day.

This is a good reminder to be aware of how much they soak up, and to endeavor to fill their time and minds with wholesome things. But then it is also a reminder of my sin, of how often I fail them as a mom, and how much grace I need as well.


By God's grace, He is working in their lives and filling them with the knowledge of His mercy and redemption. And, He is giving me the grace and strength each day, to nurture and care for them, and to train them up in the way they should go.

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  1. We are loving learning multiplication this way! My son has struggled with the memorization of it, and in one day he was saying them from memory. It's been such a blessing for us!

  2. Praying that your children will continue to "soak up" the things from the Spirit and "squeeze out" the things from the world. Sounds like you are helping them to soak up the right things!


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