Goat Update ~ 2016 4-H Year

It has now been over a month since we got our goats and lamb.

There have been some bumpy days as you can read about here, but as of this writing, everyone has their animals and are working with them.

First thing we did this year though, was put up our pens.

 {clearing the area}

We had some fencing from the year before, and that really helped to keep our costs down. We did need more t-posts and a better shelter.

 {attaching fencing}

For our shelter, we used pallets! We had a source of some free ones and so we stacked them two high, screwed them together and fastened them at the corners to make our shelter.

 {working hard}

We found some corrugated metal on Craigslist for the roofing, and we were set.

We also made a pallet fence, so that we had an area where the kids could work with their animals and not have to worry about them running across the yard.

{all finished}

This year we also wanted an easier feeding system, so we cut holes in the backs of the pens where the feeders were attached to the pallet walls.

Then we could easily pour in the food without opening any gates.


Sometimes this happens though.....

 {escape artist}

So we put boards up all across so they can't escape when we aren't feeding.

 {feeding system}

Our water buckets this year are the large 5 gallon, Home Depot buckets. These work well, but can be heavy for the younger members in my project.

 {clean water}

Feed containers are at the end of the shelter.

 {goat and lamb feed}

We keep a feed chart in the container so each person knows what to feed. All the kids take turns feeding, morning and night.

 {we make notes of any symptoms the goats might have, too}

The seven kids who have goats here have also formed cleaning teams, and clean out all the pens each week.

 {mucking out stalls}

 But that is not all the work they do.....

The goats need to become good walkers.....


And the lamb too, of course.
 {meet Finn}

We get them to be very comfortable with us, and able to walk with their heads held high.

 {Dasher and Rey}

Driving is the next step. This shows off their muscles to the judge.

 {Nutsy and Oliver}

And yes, we have bad days. Goats are notoriously stubborn, and can be hard to work with.

 {bad goat}

But this is such a good learning lesson, and let me tell you, we learn lots. About patience, hard work, and putting solid effort into our projects.

{successfully driving}

So that is where we are at with our goats - as of this Wednesday we have 56 days until our fair and it will only get busier.
{hard workers}


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