J is for January School

I will frequently do a post about our schooling at the beginning of the year in September, but then never re-cap.

Well the letter J in my blog challenge made me think of January, and what are we doing this January?


So here is an idea of where we are......

Bookworm does most of her school on her own. Her subjects are:

Bible - The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study by Star Meade. I love these workbooks. They survey the entire Bible, from a Reformed perspective.

Government - Taking a government course is a high school requirement in our state, and she is fulfilling it by using Painless American Government. This has actually turned into one of her favorite subjects, thanks to this book.

Foreign Language - She is working through the Spanish lessons on Mango Languages.

Math - After two years of Algebra and then Consumer Math, I am having her do remedial work in the Key To Math Series. These are very straightforward with no frills. Her kind of math.

Writing - We are working our way through Student Writing Intensive Continuation Level B in co-op. She is writing 5 paragraph essays and working on editing.

Science & History - These are also done in co-op. Our study of Renaissance history is just finishing up with Biblioplan, so she has also been going through US History Detective. And this coming semester in science we are going through Patrick Nurre's Fossil curriculum.

Electives: Music Theory and Speech - This is her second year taking a music theory course. She has lessons bi-weekly and plans to take the Certificate of Merit written test in February. Our speech class is our 4H presentations; this year she has a 10 minute PowerPoint memorized speech, teaching younger showman how to show goats competitively.

School is a challenge for Dasher. She has both dyslexic and discalculia tendencies, and so we adjust her schooling as needed.

Bible & Literature:  The younger two and I do these two together. Currently we are reading through Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults. I love the stories in these books that explain theology. And for Literature we are right now in the middle of reading Dr. Doolittle. I try to choose a wide variety of books and try to read each day to them.

Math: We are doing Right Start Math this year. She is actually really thriving with this new curriculum; it seems to fit her brain and how she is wired mathematically.

Writing: We are working through Student Writing Intensive Level B in co-op. The kids are learning how to research reports and do creative writing.

Science & History: Science is in our co-op, and is Earth Science this year. We are using Considering God's Creation; the students love the hands-on focus of this curriculum. Dasher listens in on history in our co-op but needs a bit more so I supplement with the younger two using Story of the World and other historical fiction books we own.

Grammar: We have been going through Fix it Grammar and I am so excited about this, because she loves doing it. It is the first thing she grabs each morning to do with me. There are a few little things that I tweak, but I really like this grammar program.

Speech: We are smack in the middle of speech right now, since our 4H presentation day is in a month. Dasher is preparing a 7 minute speech on Lamb Parts, complete with visual aides.

Nutsy is the littlest.

Math: Horizons Math has been a great fit for her. A couple of my other children had a hard time with the wide variety of math problems, but she rises to the challenge.

Writing: I am using Bible Heroes from IEW to teach writing. So far I am liking it; she likes the amount of writing they ask her to do and enjoys coming up with stories for the outlines.

Phonics: Right now we are using Explode the Code and the McGuffy Readers as her phonics curriculum. She really enjoys workbook style learning.

Speech: She is also doing a 4H presentation next month, on Caring for Goats. Hers will have visual aides and be about 5 minutes long.

It looks like her list is shorter, but she does do science in co-op, and then history, literature, and Bible with Dasher and me.

And that is a snapshot of our schooling this January!

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  1. Sounds GREAT! I've never heard of either of the Bible curricula choices you shared. Off to explore! I am such a curricula junkie. Thanks for sharing your January curricula.

  2. I love reading what sorts of materials other homeschoolers are using. It always give me new ideas.

  3. I love seeing what others are doing! I should probably do a mid-year update on what we're doing this year, as I have made some changes.


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