G is for Garlic

So I love the stuff. Seriously, garlic can make any mediocre dish great. (Well, almost any dish.)

So here are my thoughts on the Stinking Rose......

It is best in its pure form

 I have tried the minced stuff that comes in a jar, and it just can't compare to the real thing. I do own garlic powder, but am very selective when I use it. The best ways to use garlic is to either mince it fresh in a garlic press, smash it with a chef's knife, or slice it.

The longer you cook it, the more mellow it gets

This I have found by trial and error. I was experimenting with chicken in my slow cooker, and put in about ten cloves of garlic along with basil, rosemary, and pepper. And after about eight hours on high, I really couldn't tell that there was garlic in there at all.

Another thing that cued me into this was roasted garlic: take a head of garlic, chop of the top third, drizzle with olive oil and the wrap in foil. Place in a 425 degree oven for about 45 minutes, then you squeeze out the delicious, soft cloves. These are mild enough that they are yummy spread onto a toasted baguette. But it is a mild flavor.

So if you want that pungent, garlicky goodness, wait until the last hour of your slow cooker dinner to put it in. In my stir fry's I also put it in with my sauce at the end, and don't saute it with the veggies.

It is healthy 

Lots of people know this. One way that I use it is for ear pain. I make a mixture of warm olive oil and crushed garlic, and put a couple of drops into the ear canal. You can also just place a raw piece of garlic in the canal, but be careful not to go in deep at all. 

I have also cut a clove in half and rubbed it onto insect bites for quick relief. The main thing about medicinal garlic treatments is that the raw form is best.

It is smelly

Have you ever handled garlic and then, that night in your sleep, woken yourself up because your hands smelled like garlic? I have.

And the cure is very easy. I can't remember where I heard this, but believe me, it works. The next time you handle garlic, afterwards rub your hands on your stainless steel faucet. And I promise you, the odor will disappear instantly.  

To get rid of garlic breath you can use the same ammunition: rub a stainless steel spoon all around your mouth. Eating apples or lemon juice also works well. 

But, as my husband says after we have had garlic in our meal, if we all have garlic breath then we won't bug each other.

So instead of using other spices, or opening a jar of finely chopped white stuff, get the whole garlic head at the store. 

It's good for you, and tasty too.


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  1. I love cooking with garlic! Thanks for linking to your turkey meatball soup recipe -- that one's going on my "must-try" list.


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