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I love finding fun ways to learn, so when I heard about these games coming up for review, I knew we had to give them a try.

 USAopoly Review

What It Is:

USAopoly has some really fun games that they have produced! Our family has been playing with two of them for the last few weeks: Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game, and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone.

First off, we opened Tapple.

 USAopoly Review

Tapple is a fun word game, meant for ages  8 and up with 2-8 players. This is a timed game, so you will need 2 AA batteries to play. Everyone will sit in a circle with the Tapple game in the middle.

 The first person chooses a category from the card, taps the timer (the red button) and then has ten seconds to say one item and press the letter their answer starts with.

For example, one of the categories is "in the jungle". If you answered monkeys, you would press the "M". The catch is that once a letter is pressed, it can't be used again.

 If you can't answer within ten seconds, the buzzer sounds and you need to back out of the circle.

The game continues around the circle, until there is only one person left who can answer with the remaining letters.

The cards have hard and easy sides, with a total of 144 categories.

 The other game we reviewed was Wonky.

USAopoly Review

This is a cube balancing game, with a twist. Two to eight players can play, ages eight and up.

Everyone playing gets 7 cards; these cards tell you what move you can make with which block on your turn. 

There are nine blocks, 3 large, 3 medium, and 3 small.

 But these blocks are not perfectly square. They have slight curves and so you must be very careful as you add them.

You can see below in the photo that Nutsy played a card that told her to put a small block on the stack, and she could choose the color.

You want to get rid of your cards so strategy is important. The block you need to put on might already be in play, or you might be asked to place the large block on and it falls. If you knock down the tower you need to draw three more cards, so you do need to plan out your moves.

There are two types of cards; the one you see above is a block adding cards, but there are also pass cards (basically a free turn) or reverse cards (which can mess up the person next to you!).

The game is won when the first person gets rid of all their cards.

What We Thought:

These were super fun games for our homeschooling. I was very happy that all of the kids, ages 10 to 18, had a fun time with both of them. 

As we played Tapple, a lot of times Nutsy was the first one out. But the game moves so fast that she was not watching for long. I loved it that the deck of cards fits nicely in the bottom of  device, and it can either be stored in the box or in the game closet.

This game really made the kids ( and adults) think: quick, can you think of a drink or beverage that starts with the letter H? For those really smart brains there are overtime rounds, where you re-set the letters and now need to give two answers for each letter in ten seconds.

I think you could play this with more than 8 players; especially if you use the easier categories. And it is easy to pass around to each person in a circle if that works better.  

Now, what did we think of Wonky?

This game was not about speed but more about strategy. You have to evaluate, not only what is going on with the blocks on the table, but also what cards you have still in your hand.

And lest you think that the stacking is easy, I will tell you that since there are 'wonky' sides to the blocks, it takes some skill to stack. Nutsy did fine; but a child younger than age 5 or so might have trouble stacking. This game also took a little more explaining; the first time we played we all played with our card hands face up, so that we could see how it worked.

One thing I really liked about Wonky was that even though it came in a nice wonky box, the blocks came in this lovely cloth bag. The cards and even the small instruction booklet all fit in the bag, so it is very easy to transport.

Both of these games were very beneficial, and really made is seem like we were learning through play. As a homeschooling mom I love that; lots of times learning that sticks happens when we are having fun.

USAopoly has lots of other fun games on their website so check them out. And click below to see what other Crew members thought.

 USAopoly Review

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