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As a homeschooling teacher, there are many times when I feel like I don't have the resources that classroom-school teachers have. I don't have the fancy Xerox machines, the art room, or the break room with coffee. (Oh, actually I do. It's called the kitchen.)

One thing I feel like I can always use more of is worksheets. And that is where the website Super Teacher Worksheets and their Individual Membership comes in super handy!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

What It Is:

Super Teacher Worksheets is an amazing resource for homeschoolers. With thousands of worksheet pages, games, and activities, there is something for everyone.

Some of the many categories of worksheets you will find are:

  • Math - everything from addition to basic algebra
  • Reading and Writing - reading comprehension, story helps, and more
  • Phonics and Handwriting - mini books, building sentences, printing and cursive
  • Grammar and Spelling Lists - K through 5th grade levels
  • Science - animals, the human body, machines, space.....
  • Social Studies - maps, explorers, the 50 states 

 and many, many more!

I have spent the last month or so exploring this site and have used countless worksheets, and I still feel that I haven't seen it all.

The website is well organized; you click on a general category, which then leads you to specific topics, and then a descriptive list comes up with all worksheets in that topic. You can easily see a preview of each worksheet, and then very quickly download them, using Adobe Reader. The suggested grade levels are listed there also. All of the worksheets have an answer key included in the download which I was very happy about.

Another feature of the site is the "File Cabinet". This is a place where you can easily save worksheets that you might use more often. For instance, I decided to use a spelling list to work with Nutsy for a few weeks. I was able to easily save this to my File Cabinet, which was accessible with one click.

There is even a Teacher Helper section, which has printable gradebooks, homework assignment sheets, monthly calendars, printable sticker charts, award certificates, and lots more.

One part that I utilized was the Worksheet Generator. You can choose the number of questions, what format (multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer or matching), math worksheets, words searches, crossword puzzles, and printable flashcards.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Pretty much any worksheet you can think of, you can generate with this great resource for homeschool printables!

How We Used This and What We Thought:

I had all sorts of ideas for this resource. First off, I used the spelling lists for Nutsy. She loved the worksheets that went with them, and I loved that they grouped lists that had common phonetic spellings.

I also had her use lots of the phonics worksheets. When I would notice that she was struggling with a certain phonogram, I would print off a worksheet to reinforce that concept.

She loved doing Word Wheels; taking a break from writing to cut and color a worksheet was a fun activity for her.

We also used the maps section in Social Studies.

In our co-op we are studying explorers; we printed out a large world map and then cut out the continents and oceans. The younger kids in our group had a blast putting the place names on the correct spot.

And since we were studying explorers, I found a cut out of Christopher Columbus, which the girls had fun putting together with brads.

When I first looked through the site I  thought that only my younger two would be doing this product. But while looking through the plethora of math topics, I found some that even Bookworm could do. She is doing a remedial math course this year and I loved finding more advanced math worksheets that were very helpful for her. Some of the ones that middle school/high schoolers could use to brush up on math are advanced fractions, long division, algebraic expressions, and geometry worksheets.

I found this website to be a perfect compliment to our homeschooling. Do you ever wish there was one more worksheet on the times tables? Or is your child struggling with grammar and needs just a little more help? This online resource is perfect for those situations. It can also breath fresh air into a boring subject and give extra practice to those who need it.

Wonder what others thought? Click the link below to see!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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  1. We made the Columbus craft, too, since it went well with our YWAM book about Columbus. :)

  2. After reading your review, the only question I had was "How much does it cost?" A quick tour of the website answered the question.

  3. Glad you found it, Tyna! I used to put the pricing in my reviews but then our team of reviewers came to the realization that prices can change. I *can* put it in, but also write that prices are subject to change. Thoughts? And $20 a year for this site is a great deal. :)

  4. That is the same exact reason we did it too, Shecki! :)


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