Church Camping Trip 2015

Last week was our annual church camping trip.

Dirt, dust, and air mattresses that deflated during the night.

But we had a blast, as usual.

Every morning we made our regular camp breakfast; veggie/ham scramble, sausages and Camp Donuts.

{early morning campfire}

Our pastor led us in devotions each morning; we learned more about Hebrews 11 and 12.

After that, some people played Corn Hole....

...others played card games or hung out.



Still others took bike rides around the campground.

Lunch is always sandwiches or the once-a-year cup a noodles.

Then, out to the lake.

My dear friend Kate always lets as many kids into her truck as can safely fit.

So remember this bridge?

This was from two years ago, when we jumped last.

 Last year there was water, but someone dove down and determined it was too low to do any jumping.

And this my friends, is what it looked like this last week.

The drought is very real here, and the lake levels were extremely low.

But we still had a good time on the rocky beach.

A bunch of us swam across to check out the other side;  Nutsy had a small inner tube that she came along in.

When we started back, someone made the mistake of telling her that she could not swim back on her own, so she got in and proceeded to swim all the way back by herself.

There is no way I would have done that when I was ten.

Our last day there a bunch of us went about 25 minutes away to the Yuba river.

This place was gorgeous and the water was crystal clear.

There was a very large, calm pool where the little kids swam. A few of us went exploring and went down a few rapids, swam through cave tunnels, and went rock jumping.

{Nutsy and her friend}


Back at camp, we had space for our volleyball net, and played lots of games.

Here we are at dinner. Between our three families there are 25 of us. There were over 80 campers that came from our church.

The last evening was our talent show.

Nutsy did a small skit with her friend. You know, the one where someone sits behind you and is your hands.

The last night was also our church dessert night; we made Campfire Cones.

Night time was game time.

Some really good group games were Wits and Wagers, Catch Phrase (not too late as this one gets loud) and Kemps.

Each year, we seem to add more and more lights to the easy up.

Yummy treats.

 And that was our camping trip! I am so thankful for my church family, for God's goodness to us, and the beauty of His creation.


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