Another Fair

This last week one of my good friends (the one I can blame for getting me into 4H), had her county fair.

We have had fun at this fair before.

We went a couple of days, to watch some of the competitions, and to just hang out.

And the competitions were fun to watch, and our friend's did great.

 All smiles.

 This girl is so happy because this is her last year in 4H, and this year she won senior swine showmanship, senior lamb showmanship, 4H reserve market lamb, and

**drum roll**

Senior Master Showmanship.

The last day was yesterday, Father's Day.

The dad's celebrated with margaritas.

And on the last day was the wheelbarrow races.

The kiddie race, which Nutsy was in.

Here she goes.....

...and there she is getting second place!

Her candy stash from the race.

Mr. Lego decided to enter the team race with a friend.

Alas. they had to fill their wheelbarrow with 50 pounds of sand, but only got about 37 pounds in there. 

I really enjoyed this fair; I love watching the kids compete, my kids help out their friends, and best of all.....this isn't my county fair so I can just relax and have fun.


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