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Sometimes that word sends shivers up my spine.

It is a very necessary subject, but a couple of my kiddos have a hard time with it. So when an online product came up for review as part of the The Crew, I decided to try it out on my younger two.

A+ Interactive Math Review

What It Is and What You Get:

A+ Interactive Math is an online math program. I received the Family Math Package, which is meant for homeschoolers.

Family Math Package has levels beginning with first grade math and goes all the way through Algebra 1. And you can easily adjust your students level during your subscription, if you notice that there is need for practice in lower levels.

I decided to have both Nutsy and Dasher do this curriculum. Dasher really, really struggles with math so for this review I was in the 2nd and 3rd grade levels.

The curriculum is complete and covers all the basics of math. The 3rd grade chapters covered:

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Decimals and Fractions
  • Graphs, Time & Money, Measurement
  • Algebra, Geometry, Basic Probability, Word Problems

The 2nd grade chapters cover much the same but also includes:

  • Place Value, Writing Numbers, Counting and Identifying
  • Naming and Comparing
  • Rounding and Estimating

I was impressed with the subjects covered and the scope of the program.

A+ Interactive Math Review

When you begin this math curriculum, you can choose where your child starts, down to the individual lesson. Each day that they log on (with their own password and user name) you do need to remember where they left off from the day before; the program does not send you back to your last spot.

The first thing your student will do in any lesson is to watch the video. The video length is not too long and runs for between 3 and 6 minutes. The narrated video works through 3 to 4 problems, and shows your student the step by step way to solve it. At the end of the lesson is an interactive worksheet. There are between 6 and 10 problems that your child will do online, that pertain to the lesson they just watched.

The third step is to complete the printable worksheet. These are easily printed and have 10 questions. There is an answer key available for your convenience.

There are also pritnable exams to be completed at the end of a chapter. There are 40 questions in these exams and cover everything that was taught in the chapter.

Family Math Package is a six month subscription for up to TEN students. You can chose a smaller number of students, and the price adjusts.  

How We Used This:

I started out by printing the handy schedule that A+ Interactive provides. I then put the date next to each video and worksheet. Each Monday I would also print out the weeks' worksheets and put them in a file folder in our school room. They got to sign themselves in (which Nutsy loved), and get started with the video.

There were a few times when Nutsy couldn't find her video session so I would be nearby to help. After watching the session and doing the interactive questions, they would move to the table to complete the worksheet. Doing it this way, math took between 20-30 minutes.

After they completed the whole lesson, they were able to do the exam. The exam did only cover what was taught in that chapter; there is not an overall final exam.

So what did we think? There were a few things that we struggled with. First, during the lesson, the narrator would ask questions as they were going through the teaching dialogue. They would ask the question, "So if I can't take 7 away from 3, what should I do?" The answer is of course, to borrow from the next column, but both of my girls were frustrated because the narrator would instantly answer the question, without giving the student any time to answer.

I also felt that both my girls would have benefited from more review at the end of each chapter. And not just a review of the material in that chapter, but what had been learned so far in the curriculum.

But then that actually makes this perfect for remedial work. Dasher has a really hard time with word problems, so after a couple of weeks of just going through the curriculum, I decided to have her do that chapter. This was the perfect way to focus on word problems, and understand how to read into them and solve the problem.

So really, at the end of this review period, I felt that this curriculum was better used a remedial/review work for my girls. It is a complete curriculum though, and covers all of the math basics.

I will definitely be using this in the months to come (Especially those summer months when we need math practice!) and rely on it to help solidify their math facts.

And from the May 4-18, A+ Interactive Math is offering a 40% -50% discount on their Family Math Packages. They also offer lots of freebies for homeschooling families to see if this is a good fit for them before they purchase. You can get a free math placement test and try out the Family Math Package for free!

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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