{Real Life Homeschooling} Co-op, or What Saved My Sanity

There was a time, ions ago, that I really believed I could do it all myself.

After all, God had given me these precious children, and so it was my husbands' and mine responsibility alone to teach and raise them. But I took that to to the extreme for the first few years of our learning journey, and wouldn't have dreamed that anyone else would ever teach my children.

But God works all through His will, and one spring, I was done. I felt like I had no motivation, and wanted to quit homeschooling right then and there.

A dear veteran-homeschooling mom talked with me, and encouraged me to re-think where I was.

First off, I realized that I couldn't do it. I would never be the perfect mother. I needed God's grace just as much as my kids needed it. And thank God for His grace, because if it was up to me and what I do, my kids would all be going to Hell.

Second, she urged me to widen our scope of homeschooling. Up to this point, we had done nothing outside the home. Except for a weekly library trip and park days, all of our schooling was done at home by me.

I toyed with the idea, not quite sure where to start. But then in God's Providence, that same month a lady in our new church asked if I would like to join their small homeschooling co-op.

That first year there were 4 families with 14 children, ages 4 to 16.

We met weekly and learned geography/ecology, memorization, Bible, art history, and a monthly craft.

 {Ecology display they made}


Each year after that was different. We gained families, lost families... one year there were only 8 students and our biggest year was this year with 15 kiddos.

A couple of years later we split the classes in 'olders' and 'youngers'.

For example the youngers would learn elementary anatomy, while the olders would study high school biology. One year one of the moms taught a middle school writing course (She had been a middle school writing teacher) while the youngers did a literature unit study. Almost every year we have had separate writing and science classes but then all came together for history and other subjects.

And the moms would cater activities to each level...in mapwork the youngest ones would only need to identify major countries, while the older ones would need to mark all rivers and major cities.

Over the years we have focused on....

California History

 {Making adobe houses}

 {Visiting Coloma, where gold was first discovered in California}


 {Robin Hood, slated to be performed the summer of 2015}


 {Cutting and gluing}

{Making colorful bird baths}

 {Learning about the color wheel}

 {Working with pastels}

 Modern History

 {Watching a video on the atomic bomb}


 {Using IEW as a spine}

Ancient History

 {Making Ancient Greek pots}

Earth Science

{Listening to our mom-teacher talk about rocks}

Medieval History

 {Another talking time, on this fascinating part of history}


 {An experiment in density}

So many amazing subjects, many of which would have been impossible for me to do on my own. 

Remember that you can't do it all; and rely on God's grace. He is merciful, and gives strength to the weary. And I encourage you to look beyond what only you can offer your children, and see those whom God has placed near to you.

 {Crazy times}

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  1. I loved this. Sooo glad to be in this with you!! :D


  2. Wow! Your co-op is very involved, that is great that it works so well for you! Our co-op is every other week and that is perfect for us!

  3. Looks great! We love our homeschooling co-op. It has been a huge blessing!


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