Random 5 On Friday ~ March 20

 1. Time is flying. We had a family come over last weekend that had a 2 year old so we got out the dollhouse for her. And ever since Nutsy has been playing with it....someday it will be put away and only come out when little guests come over. Bittersweet.

 2. I love my slow cooker. Last week instead of our weekly pizza, I made Pizza Soup. Super easy.....brown Italian Sausage and place in cooker. Add sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, sliced onions, sliced olives, quartered pepperoni pieces, and diced bell pepper. Add a jar of pizza sauce and three jars of water, and cook on low for 4-6 hours. Top with a bit of grated mozzarella and it is pizza without the crust!

3. We are out at the goat farm at least twice a week, working with these guys....even though this is a busy season of 4H, we all love it.

 4. I got into the backyard this week and did a few things...cleaned up all the beds and planted salad mix, radishes, basil, and pretty flowers on the deck. I also transplanted a couple of stray strawberry plants into the strawberry bed and cleaned up the deck. The tomatoes are going to get planted hopefully next week.

Last Saturday all except one of the kiddos was gone all day. So we had our yummy dinner outside with just Nutsy.


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