The Goats Are Here!

Over the last week, we have purchased our goats for this 4H season.

Meet Charger.

This is Nutsy's goat, and she is thrilled to be doing goats for the first time this year.

Dasher and Bookworm saved up money from last years' auction to buy better goats this year.

This is Dasher's guy, Duke.

And here is Remus, Bookworm's goat.

Bookworm is actually the owner of two goats; she has been really saving her money and has enough for a state fair goat too.

Her other goat will be coming to the farm where we are next week.

Any guesses as to his name? (The hint is in her other goat's name.)

And this is not the end of the animals coming......Mr. Lego and Bookworm are also taking lambs to county fair as well.

So we are out at the farm at least twice a week, working with our animals and cleaning out stalls.


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