Random 5 on Friday ~ February 20th

I am trying something new! I am linking up with my friend at Pebble Pond for Random 5 on Friday.

1. The weather is lovely here today. Right now it is sunny and 61 degrees. The rest of the nation, you have my sympathies.

2. I just put 500 pounds of goat and sheep feed in my car. Tomorrow we get our goats and the car is stuffed full of pen supplies, feeders, buckets, halters, and so many other things. The crazy part of the year begins.

 {halters and chains}

3. Yesterday was a fun day! My mother in law came for a visit with one of our cousins and we had a blast relaxing with them, playing games, and being outside. Another plus to homeschooling; taking a day off to be with family.

{football at the park}

{scrabble, tea, and Obachan}

 4. Tonight we are having 25 to 30 youth in our house. Our church's monthly youth study is here tonight; a few of the moms are planning to stay to have a glass of wine with me out on the deck.

5. I love cooking for my family and this last week made something so yummy......roasted bell pepper, mozzarella, turkey, and pesto paninis.



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