A Day In Our Co-op

Yesterday we had our weekly homeschool co-op.

This year, there are three families participating, with 15 kids total. The age range is pretty wide, from 8 to 18. So we do break into two classes for a couple of our subjects.

What We Teach Weekly:

High School Biology (The "olders" class, consisting of 7 kids)
Elementary Human Anatomy and Physiology (The "youngers" class, consisting of 8 kids)
Essay/Report Writing for High Schoolers (The 8 oldest kids)
Basic Writing and Grammar for Elementary (The 5 younger kids that are reading proficiently)
Medieval History (All students)

Other Things Taught Bi-Weekly or Monthly to All:

Art History

This day we started out with both science classes being taught simultaneously.

I worked with the older kids and we went over Ch 14 in our biology book; Animals Without Backbones.

I talked for about 25 minutes, asking questions and exploring the different pylas, while they took notes.

We also watched a couple of YouTube videos I had found.

This one was on Insecta.

Each week I have them do a reading assignment from the book and answer the review questions.

While I was teaching my friend Kerri was working with the "youngers" in anatomy and physiology.

They were learning about blood, so they made a red blood cell...

 and then cut out the insert in the back of their books to add to their body page.

She had also brought a blood sample for them to look at from one of her animals that needed to be tested and asked them chapter questions.

Next was writing.

I go back and forth each week; one week with the older kids and one week with the younger ones.

This week it was the older ones and we reviewed the format of a 5 paragraph report and I assigned them a report on three of the Crusades. I try to assign papers that have to do with what we are studying in either history or biology.

I have gone through level 3 of IEW with these guys, so I am using the program very loosely this year.

For the younger writing class, I just gave them a couple of grammar worksheets to do this week.

The next time we meet I will have them write for me one paragraph on what is inside their blood.

Next it was time for lunch.

Today it was lentil sausage soup with sourdough bread.

We trade houses for hosting co-op and each mom is responsible for figuring out the food on her day. We all bring components to share and keep it inexpensive. We have had baked potatoes, bean burritos, potato soup, homemade pizza, marinara sauce and pasta, and scalloped potatoes.

Next up was history. They all just finished reading a big chapter on the Crusades, so Kate, my other mom -friend, had selected a YouTube video of an overview for them to watch.

She talked for about 20 minutes, giving an overview of the Crusades, and the impact they had on history.

After that she asked them review questions, tossing little candies to those who could answer.

This week we did mapwork, which Kate coordinated with the journey of the 4 major Crusades.

She assigns by age, so here are our youngest two, labeling some countries and major seas in the area.

The older ones had more to label; all the countries in southern Europe and northern Africa, and surrounding seas.

And that was our co-op day!

Usually, after we are done the kids work on their play. But today our director (the 18 year old girl) was home with some baby lambs.

They all have parts and are also making costumes and props. They plan on performing the play at the end of the year.

Then we might have a little bit of time to hang out and play outside or make a treat.

And that is our co-op. I am so thankful for this group of ladies that keeps me accountable, teaches my kids, and makes our homeschooling journey so much easier!

{The whole group, after a history project they did in the fall}


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