Christmas Letter 2014


2014 has been a year of growth, joys, learning, and adventures. We can see God's hand, through the good and the bad, as He leads us in Providence and grace.

We are still involved in 4H; this year all four kids are officers. Mr. Lego is our Club President, Bookworm is the Secretary, Dasher is the Attendance Secretary, and Nutsy is a Sergeant at Arms. This year we are doing the market goat project, sheep project, and record book project and the younger three are doing judged presentations.

We are in our 6th year of our homeschooling co-op. There are three families involved with 15 kids total, from ages 8 to 18. We study biology (older kids) anatomy (younger kids), Medieval history, and writing. We also do monthly geography and art projects. Plus, one of the older girls is directing a play that they will all perform this coming summer.

Mr. Lego (J) is now a senior in high school. And we are seriously pinching ourselves when we think that he will be old enough to vote in our next election. He has had a year of changes which started out when he got a job this last summer being a meal server in a retirement community. He likes interacting with the residents and has realized he enjoys food service. He was able to buy a used car in the fall and has enjoyed having his own set of wheels. He was also able to take a class at our community college this last semester and plans to take another next semester. And this is his last year in 4H and he is going out with a bang; he'll be showing a lamb at our county fair in May.

Bookworm (K) is growing up too. She is now 15 and has a small job cleaning an office space. She also babysits and cleans houses and saves just about all her money for her 4H projects. She is saving up to buy her market goat for this next season and go to the fair. She is also planning on purchasing a breeding doe next year, which will lead her to start breeding her own market goats. In school she has found that she really loves writing, and is doing extra credit writing assignments.

Dasher (A) is doing great. She just had her birthday and is now a big 14. She loves doing extra jobs around the house for mom. Her favorite subject in school is grammar and anatomy. She has really shown some progress in her reading and math this year, and is enjoying picking out books to read at the library. She did great in 4H last year, winning the Junior 4H Goat Showmanship competition. She is looking forward to improving in showmanship this year and getting her market goat next month.

Nutsy (E) is 9. She is now in her first year of 4H and is going to show goats this year for the first time. This year she is also doing her first 4H judged presentation and is a little nervous, but is working hard on it. In school she enjoys math and history. I like it that the math really 'clicks' in her brain. She likes collecting little cars, doing art projects, and participating in our homeschooling co op.

This was mostly about the kids; My Sweetie and I are doing good and had an enjoyable year. As a family we enjoy game nights, fun talks, camping trips, and our annual family reunion.

Each and every day, may we be reminded of Christ. Of His saving work on the cross, and how much we need Him.


The Joyful Hearts Family


  1. I loved every aspect of this, Charlotte. What grace from God is evidenced here! May He be praised!! Merry Christmasing, friend. Peace be with you and yours!


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