The 2014 Blue Ribbon Awards

So every year The Crew, that lovely company that I write reviews for, polls all of us bloggers and we vote on our favorites.

And some of these I was very blessed to review.

Favorite Language Arts Program and Middles School Resource: 

Moving Beyond the Page

Greek Myths was a great short course for my older two to take.

And my younger ones loved Human Body. We are actually re-using lots from this kit as we learn Anatomy in co-op this year.

Favorite Language Art Supplement:


Not only does this online site have language art sections, it also has math questions, with levels all they way up to Algebra. Online learning is super fun for my younger girls.

Favorite Grammar Program:  

IEW Fix It! Grammar

LOVED this one. I am only required to use any products I review for 6 weeks, but we are still going through this great resource for grammar. 


I love that it includes vocabulary and copywork, and that they are going through such a fascinating story.

Favorite Math Supplement: 

Learning Wrap Ups

This is another one that we are still using. The wrap ups, which include both math and language arts, are super fun and so easy to hand a child to use to review math facts. I rarely hear complaints when I get them out.

And the Learning Palettes have gone over so well in our schooling too; they really cater to the more kinetic learners and those who like learning in a more tangible way.

Favorite Elementary Resource: 

Logic of English

Another one I LOVE. Both Dasher and Nutsy are doing LOE; Dasher is in Essentials and Nutsy is doing Foundations. I love their approach, and how I use so many ways to teach reading/phonics/grammar/spelling/vocabulary.

Through games, dictation, flashcards, copywork, and fun books to read; this course is complete and helps even those who have learning disabilities or are ESL. 

Best Digital Resource and All Around Crew Favorite: 

Veritas Press

This is another one that I have not stopped using; I am planning on having the older two use this history and literature curriculum through to the end of the school year. And I am very seriously thinking about having Bookworm continue on to year two of Omnibus.

So there are some of the awards. I loved these products and hope that you can read more about them and perhaps use them in your schooling!

You can see the entire list of Blue Ribbon Awards at the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.