{Crew Review} Standard Deviants Accelerate

Online learning can be extremely useful as homeschoolers, especially for those high school years.

Standard Deviants Accelerate is an online learning website that covers a wide range of subjects meant especially for homeschoolers.

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

Here are the Standard Deviants Accelerate Homeschool Courses, some of which include:

  • Arithmetic (Grades 3+)
  • Earth Science (Grades 6+)
  • Algebra (Grades 7+)
  • English Composition (Grades 9+)
  • Nutrition (Grades 6+)
  • AP Chemistry (Grades 11+)
  • AP US Government and Politics (Grade 11+)

 While I was given full access to all classes for one year, I decided to have Bookworm take the Nutrition class.

What It Is:

The Nutrition class covers many aspects including:

  • Cells and Macro nutrients
  • Micro nutrients
  • The Food Industry
  • Digestion and Metabolism
  • Nutritional Disorders
  • Making Healthy Choices
  • Food Spectrum
  • Psychology of Eating

Within each of those chapters are lessons.

Inside the lessons are five components:

Video: This is a 7 to 9 minute video that explains the concepts in the lesson. The video uses college age actors that dramatize a lot of the content. On the left side of the video screen is the transcript of the video; the student can scroll down and read it as the video progresses.

Vocabulary: On this page each of the words are listed with the definition and an icon they can click to hear the word pronounced and the definition given.

Diagram:  This page is an interactive activity based on what was covered in the video portion of the lesson. Students can drag and drop or fill in the blank; depending on what types of questions are being asked.

Quiz: This is a multiple choice quiz on all the material in the lesson. If you get an answer wrong, a "see video" icon comes up. Your student can then watch the section of the video that addressed that question.

Written Answer: This page asks a deeper thought question based on that lesson. There are also a couple of prompts that can help the student answer.

 At the end of each chapter is a Chapter Review. Within this section is a Group Activity, meant for multiple students. Some of these were coming up with fun ways to tell pirates about dietary supplements, using acronyms to show strategies for preventing heart disease, and creating a comic strip showing the difference between a complete and incomplete protein. There is also a Post Test, where all the questions from the quizzes are re-asked, with a focus on the ones your student answered incorrectly.

What You Get:

Meant for ages 8 through adult learners, Standard Deviant Accelerate is available to purchase in a couple of different ways. First, you can purchase a single course for one student for $99 a year. Or, if you have a fast learner you could purchase a monthly subscription for one class which is $24.95. The AP classes, which are helpful for advanced learners are $14.95 per month.

There is no downloading at all; the courses are entirely online. Your child will also need an email address and password to register.

Your child also has a tab at the top of their home page labeled "Locker". Here, they can see their progress in the course, any written answers, and the diagrams they did. Another neat feature is the Notes option. While your student is watching the video, they can take notes in a space below. These notes, they can then save to the Locker, and refer to them for studying purposes.

How We Used This And What We Thought:

Bookworm used this three times a week, doing one lesson per day. This got her well into the third chapter; she would spend between 20 minutes and a half hour on the lesson. I asked her to write out her vocabulary words with the definition in a notebook because I do feel that writing out the words versus typing them is a better way to retain information.

She is a very straight-forward learner, and was not impressed with the silliness and humor of the videos. And that is why I very much appreciated that all the videos had transcripts, so towards the end of the review period I let her just read that instead of watching the video. She did use the Notes area often and would refer back to them before her quizzes.

She liked the diagram parts and felt that those helped her to learn the concepts. Sometimes these were very simple ones, and other times they were more complex and made her think. I also really liked that the post-test at the end of each chapter would review those questions on the quizzes that they had missed.

After using this for the last month I asked Bookworm if she would want to continue and she said no. Her reasons were purely because of the learning style of this program and not the content. She learns best by reading books and taking notes, and so the videos did not appeal to her.

I did think that the information covered in this course was up to par for a middle school level, semester long nutrition course, and was complete and covered all of the basics of nutrition.

Now Mr. Lego does learn best with videos and would probably really appreciate this program. I especially thought of him when I saw some of the creative assignments in the Group Activities; we could easily adapt these activities for a single student. Right now he is taking a class at our local college so his school schedule is full, but next semester I plan to have him take the AP Government and Politics course, which would give him a semester of needed Government.

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