Disneyland {Journal Entry}

Our first leg of the vacation was spent in San Diego, at Sea World.

Now we were in Anaheim, where we would stay for the rest of the week.

My Sweetie did an amazing job of researching hotels in the area; he was very good at closing the windows on his laptop when any curious eyes came by.

We stayed a couple of blocks from Disneyland at a hotel which included a full breakfast. Our room was two rooms, connected with a bathroom. The kids room had a sofa bed and bunk beds which they loved sleeping in, and we had a queen bed in ours. Each night we had snacks, sodas, and fun treats to share.

{Obviously Bookworm here had a bit of sun that day}

The one thing that saved us at all of the parks we visited were these:

These 8 ounce water bottles, which we attached carabiners too, we slipped onto the belt loops on our pants or skirts.

And you can go into any restaurant in any of the parks and they will either refill your water bottle or give you a cup of ice water for free.

My little point and shoot camera went on another carabiner and then my Sweetie had a fanny pack, and that was all we carried. (Watching other people get off of rides with backpacks, bags, and purses made me really happy that we were literally carrying nothing.)

We spent a whole day at Disneyland another whole day at California Adventure, and then split the third day between the two.

And because we made the decision to go in September, we basically saw all of Disneyland in one day.

Our first ride was Star Tours, which with the new story line since I had been there, was lots of fun.

We worked our way through the lands, following a schedule I had found at Foder's, and that schedule really worked. We were done with Day 1 at around 1pm and Day 2 at about 6pm.

And which ride had the longest line? Not Indiana Jones, or Space Mountain, or the Matterhorn; but.........Peter Pan. 35 minutes was the lowest we ever saw it, and so the third day we bit the bullet and waited. I think they over estimate the wait times because we were getting on the ride after only 23 minutes.

This was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

 {My pictures are not so great with my point and shoot}

That ride was okay; the laser thingys were hard to shoot at. There is a similar ride in CA that was way more fun.

Pirate's of the Caribbean. Loved this ride and the TEN minute wait.

Splash Mountain. This one went down as our favorite Disney ride.

We went on the ride multiple times in the three days we did Disney and CA; and started having fun with the cameras.

This one was the best.

{And was taken at around 11pm on Friday night, which made it the last ride of our vacation.}

We did all the rides we could, just to experience them. This was Pooh's Honey Pots and was a kiddie ride.

Small World, of course.

This was the Roger Rabbit ride and had a 35 minute wait so we did Fast Pass; came back an hour later and waited only about 5 minutes to get on. And let me tell you, it was NOT worth waiting 35 minutes.

Thunder Mountain was another favorite.

The teacups a few of us went on....Bookworm and I got ours spinning as fast as we could.

The first day we were there the Matterhorn had super short lines so we went on it three times on a row.

 {I was surprised that I got the Abominable Snowman in that photo.}

 I was surprised with this next favorite. The kids LOVED Autopia. And with a 5 minute wait, we went multiple times.

 My driver. Scary.

We went through Innovations and got to meet Captain America....check out his fake smile.

And the Astro Orbitor looks silly but is actually a fun ride.

Main Street. Yes, we had to take a picture here, like millions of other people.

And I am sure a billion other people have a photo of some precious child in front of the castle.

But we did not joins the hordes of people dressing up their girls like princesses....Nutsy said no way, she wouldn't want to walk all over the park, all day, in one of those things.

The Jungle Cruise, another must for a first time guest.

At the end of our first night, instead of joining the masses as they headed for the exit, we stopped at Gibson Girl for an ice cream sundae and waffle cone.

 The food here was much better than Sea World or Universal; we had already scoped out all of the places to eat and their menus, (this was the spot we used for that and was super helpful) so we all knew what our budget was for each meal. The quality of food was good and the price was not too bad.

Although we did have one flub with our snacks; I had read that the Bengal Barbecue with its meat skewers was a good bargain. We got two, at $4 each and when they came, my Sweetie and I started busting up. Each skewer had three chunks of meat on it. There are six of us, and so we each got ONE bite. Seriously, the lady helping us must have thought we were nuts.

Compare that to this massive turkey leg we got in California Adventure.....

that thing was $9 and we all gnawed on it for ten minutes, got full and couldn't finish it.

{Hidden Mickey}

Keeping to our budget the kids could get burgers, nuggets, sandwiches, and chowders. They frequently split stuff because we got a couple fun snacks to share each day.

And there were healthy options; one lunch my Sweetie and I split a delicious Chicken and Veggie Caesar Salad at the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square. It was plenty for both of us.

We also split the drinks between two people and only drank one soda in the park, the rest of the time we depended on our trusty water bottles.

So all of that secret planning and saving that my Sweetie and I did paid off; and our trip went smoothly.

Stay tuned for the rest of our trip!

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