{Journal Entry} Oregon Trip 2014

Our annual trip up to Oregon was super fun. My sister, aunt and uncle, and cousins all live in the same area and my dad and step mom come up from CA.

On the road......

The first day we went to a creek to look for crawdads and to explore.

The weather was pretty mild with clouds.

This made the photographer part of me happy....I got some nice photos.

But I was freezing.

Mr. Lego even caught a fish, so then everyone started trying.

Alas, his was the only one; and it was teeny one so we let him back with his fishy friends.

 My aunt and uncle have a huge backyard so after we got home from our adventures we would hang out and talk....

And the kids would swim in the pool.

Each night we played card games...El Presidente, Up The River, Cocktails, and Golf. My extended family LOVES playing games together.... one year we put up card tables and played a massive Bunco game.

The next day we went to a new place: Slide Rock.

And let me just say that this place was very cool.

It is a natural water slide, about 100 feet long, down a smooth rock. Halfway down you think you are going to smash into this big under-hanging rock, but the force of the water causes you to just brush it.

The rock was pretty smooth; lots of us went down without an inner tube.

Although we found out pretty quick that the inner tube gives you a faster ride.

This place was the bomb.

There was a deep pool at the bottom and a log where lots of us jumped off.

After our 25 foot jumps at our church camping trip, this 10 foot jump was nothing.

That night my cousins, bookworm, and I went and saved spots at a nearby park for a showing of The Lego Movie on a gigantic screen.

None of us were that impressed with the movie, but it was fun to sit on our blankets and eat popcorn and candy from home.

The last full day there we went tubing down the Santiam River.

I did not bring my camera....we park a car at the pick up point and then all drive to the drop off. We got on inner tubes, inflatable boats, and floaties. My uncle was on one of their pool toys which did cause him some trouble down a couple of the small rapids.

The river is very tame and we stopped a couple of times to pick blackberries.

Can I just say that sun-kissed blackberries are among the top foods to consume?

Our final night my bro-in-law grilled chicken and corn for us and made his salsa and tortilla chips.

And then my cousin got ice cream and cones for all the kiddos.

The whole fam. (Missing Grandma R, since she had to fly back early.)


I love that we live within a days drive of my extended family, and that we plan to meet every year. I am so thankful for them; for the laughs, food, games, and good times.


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