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The online homeschooling world is always expanding, with new products and tools to help us homeschooling mommas.

From 3P Learning, Mathletics is a fun place for students in K-12 grades.

Mathletics Online Math Review
What It Is:

This online math program is meant to supplement your current math program, and it does it in lots of fun ways.

On the side bar of your child's home page are the many options they can choose from.

These include:


This is the meat of the program; in each level there are different topics that you or your child can choose from. Within those topics are individual subjects to pick. The student does not need to go in order and can jump around as needed. Nutsy is in the 3rd grade and the topics she can choose from are:

  • Counting and Cardinality (19 subjects, including Concept of Zero, Count by Tens, More or Less)
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking (10 subjects, including Subtracting from Ten, Adding to Five, Doubles and Halves)
  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten (6 subjects, including 1 to 30 and Making Teen Numbers)
  • Measurement and Data (8 subjects, including Compare Length and Everyday Mass)
  • Geometry (10 subjects, including Sort It, Left or Right, and Solid Objects)

These activities use questions to help your students excel at these math subjects, and are meant to reiterate your current math curriculum. The student reads the questions and then types in the correct answer.

A buzzer lets them know if they were right or wrong, and at the end of the questions the student can review what they got wrong. At the end of each topic list is a test, where you can evaluate their progress.

Live Mathletics

This is another fun aspect of this program. When you click on this button you can choose a Computer Challenge or World Challenge. The World Challenge will match you up with two or three other "players" from around the world and you will race each other in a timed math facts game.

 Problem Solving

This area of the program is where your child can choose different games to play. Some of the headings for the types of games are Division, Money, Data, and Venn Diagrams. For instance, in one game under the Position heading Nutsy had 50 moves to move a mother bird around a grid to collect worms for her baby.

She had to choose carefully and not make any extra moves or she did not have enough to get back to the nest.

Concept Search

This feature is two-fold and has both an Animated Math Dictionary and Concept Search.

The Animated Math Dictionary is actually pretty cool. You click on a math word (acute angle, decagon, height) and it not only give you the definition, but shows you a photo or animation as well.

The Concept Search is much the same, except you are learning about mathematical concepts, such as Cubed Numbers, and Eratosthenes. (Don't know what that is? I didn't either. It is a method of locating prime numbers by eliminating their multiples.) Mr. Lego would have loved this feature during his algebra class last year!

Rainforest Maths

This area is another set of games. You can choose from seven levels that go up to 7th grade math. The games come from four sections; Number, Algebra, Measurement, and Space (geometry).

In the measurement section Nutsy was dragging the movable tape to measure distance.
Times Table Toons

This final section is obviously a tool to teach the times tables. These are songs that list the math facts for each times table (1x2 =2, 2x2=4...) The songs are a bit repetitive and don't vary too much; the facts are repeated in rap like fashion. Nutsy was not too impressed with this section...the one thing that I did like is that the math facts are written as they are said in the song so you can easily follow along.

As you play the above games and do the activities, you will earn points which count towards certificates. You might think that this is nothing, but Nutsy loved watching her daily and weekly points increase as she played the games and did the math problems.

What You Get:

With your subscription you will receive a year's access to Mathletics. At the time of this review they are running a special; each subscription is only $59 per child. They do offer family discounts which go down in price with the number of children. You can sign up for a free trial for ten days to try out the program.

The subscription comes with parent access as well, with your own password and user name. From here you can edit your child's account, including their grade level. Here you can also access the Instant Workbooks.  These downloadable workbooks have problems for all levels, including Algebra. These can easily be printed and used as extra work for your students to do.

On the parent homepage you can also see the scope and sequence of each of the level. You can access your child's account and see their progress, certificates earned, and weekly reports. There is also a Task Manager, where you can assign certain topics or activities for your child to do.

How We Used This And What We Thought:

I had Nutsy use this program. She loved being able to choose the games to play and topics to go over. Since we are on summer break I let her do the choosing; when we begin school up in a couple of weeks I am going to use the Task Manager and assign her things to do that coincide with her math curriculum.

The games are very interactive and age appropriate. I also liked it that you can play it multiple times. In some sections you need to play certain games before 'unlocking' others; this gave her incentive to do some of the harder games that she might not have tried to play. And she loved being able to see her progress each day, as she added points to her weekly total.

Let's face it, math can at times, be a drag. This online math program changes that, and gives students a fun and engaging way to learn math. I am also going to check out the older age levels; in looking at the Instant Workbooks I saw ones that included Trigonometry, Financial Mathematics, and Geometry. These are a great ways to get in that extra math practice and to help your child excel at math.

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