Church Camping Trip 2014

Last week we had our 2014 Church Camping Trip.

We headed to the same place we have gone to in the past, but to a different section of the campground.

Lots more trees and flat places to put our tents.

One of the other big differences was that there was none of this:

Because of the drought here in CA, the water was super low, and the jump would have been close to 50 feet, so no bridge jumping this year.

Instead we found a place to put up our volleyball net.

The first day a bunch of people went over to the opposite shore to get a couple of logs to play with.

This was tons of fun.....the trick being to see how long you could stay up.

This happened.....

and then a second later it looked like this.

One afternoon a bunch of us headed across the spillway to the other side to explore. I didn't bring my camera because I wanted to swim back, but we found lots of cool rocks, did some cliff climbing, and found this amazing mud beach.

Seriously, when we would step into it we would sink up to our thighs in mud. Which led to an insane mud fight, of course. When looking at all the boys I literally could not recognize them, they were so covered in mud.

We had our usually yumminess for food......

And each evening we would stay up late playing games.

With the ever present Gummy Bears.....

One night all the ladies played a crazy game of Wits and Wagers....

In the mornings our pastor led us in devotions where we talked about being content. There were some very good lessons learned.

Lots of good friends {purple friends},



And smiles.

Our last night was a Skit Night.

Nutsy was in a couple of them...

And we adults made up our own song titled "If You Go A-Camping".

The only mishap happened when we saw this guy at the edge of the campground.

And one morning we found this.

And guess what that big bugger did; he ate all of my bread. And get this - he bypassed a whole bag of processed, store-bought bagels and ate every single crumb of my homemade bread.

Another camping year gone, but such good memories made.

{My camping peeps}


  1. Sounds like fun. Looks like everyone had loads of fun.

  2. Yes Rebecca, it was! And the scary thing was that he was eating my bread and trying to tear into a can of beans RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR TENT. (That was where we found the evidence.) And my friend, in her tent about 30 feet away, totally heard him and stayed put. Scary.


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