40 Thoughts On 40 {#28-40}

28.       My favorite chore to do is to clean the kitchen. I love the shiny counter tops, and seeing all of the dishes clean on the counter. I also love sweeping….I steal that job from the kids because I am rather picky about the floors.

29.       I have recently been introduced to aromatherapy. I only have a few essential oils that I combine with either coconut oil or vitamin E oil, but I find that they sooth my muscles and are relaxing to smell.

30.       Seeing your children struggle with sin can be such a burden. As parents, we think we have a plan, that if we do *this* very consistently, then *that* will happen. Believe me, that is the farthest thing from the truth. My children are redeemed by Christ and convicted by the Holy Spirit. Thank God it is not up to me and the way I parented them; His grace covers my imperfections.

31.       I now have a 17 year old, 14 year old, 13 year old, and (almost!) 9 year old. This next year one of my goals is to be more deliberate in my conversations with them. To be pro-active and not re-active in what we talk about. Relationships, future plans, even just fun and silly conversations. As one of my friends has shared with me; how can I influence them, if I don’t really talk with them?

32.       As I have gotten older I have needed to rest on grace more and more. Life is full of hardships, which lead to sanctification. But that road is so incredibly tough sometimes, and can be so full of grief. The only thing I can do is to rest on my Savior and His work on the cross.

33.       Someday I would love to travel. My top three places? The Mexican Riviera, Alaska, and a trip to Japan.

34.       As I am getting older, I am seeing the need for an exit plan. All of my thoughts, efforts, and daily work have been to raise and teach my children. But in only 8 short years, I will be graduating my youngest. I need to begin planning for my life after children at home, as a grandmother, and a child of God. Photography? Helping young moms? Writing? Piano lessons?

35.       One of my kids still insists that after they marry, they will live right next door and come over for dessert every night. While I would love this immensely, I know that in all likelihood, it won’t happen. But I can rest that what DOES happen, is God’s perfect plan. And if I am a grandma from afar, I will strive to encourage and relate to the next generation.

36.       Life is full of joy, if you know where to look. Joy can be found in a child’s smile, a flower in the garden, or the feeling you get when you have washed the floor. Joy is a choice and can be work to find, but as Christians, we are called to it.

37.   Life is too short to hold grudges. When I see what Christ did, I am convicted of my own sin of bitterness and sharpness, and reminded of His perfect grace for me. May God give me patience and long suffering for those around me.

38.   I really, really want to garden. But right now I have a whopping 4 tomato plants, a handful of herbs, and a pitiful looking cucumber plant that is only 6 inches tall. Another thing I need to work on…. 

39.   I could not have continued to teach my kids through middle and high school if it wasn’t for my co-op buddies. 

40.   40 years old. In 40 years more, I will be 80. Maybe a grandma, maybe a great-grandma (yes, it could happen), or maybe with the Lord. Life is so much more that what I do here on earth; it is all about my relationship with my God. I pray that He will give me the grace to make it through each day.


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