40 Thoughts On 40 {#15-27}

Here is #15-27.....

15.       I love taking pictures! Someday I would love to take a few classes and get even better. My kids are very well trained and if I have my camera out, they automatically pose.

16.       I grew up not being a very organized person and ended up marrying someone who loves cleanliness and organization. Over the years I have shifted, and now feel that I am probably somewhere in the middle, but I do need to work better at my organization skills. I have cleaning schedules for myself and the kids and we do a pretty good job of keeping things going. Most of the time……

17.       I like 40. When I was a teen it seemed so far away and (horrors!) it was old! I loved my 20's and being a young mom. The 30’s were good too, with homeschooling, and life moving fast. Now I am looking forward to seeing my kids grow up and what the next decade has in store.

18.       I love drinking tea. I will occasionally have a cup of coffee, but tea to me is so comforting. My favorites are slightly sweetened black tea, green tea, Earl Gray tea with milk, and plain Rooibos tea. And I just started making Kombucha this summer…..

19.       I am still learning. Currently I am enjoying an ancient history curriculum on the Great Books. I have a few theology books on my to-read book list, and I would love to learn more about biology. I want to continue to keep my mind active, even after my homeschooling days are done.

20.       I am a sentimental person. But not too much…I can be brought to tears when with good friends or watching a sad movie, but I do feel that I need to be more sensitive and have empathy for those around me that are suffering.

21.       I want to be a more deliberate person. Not only in my actions and words, but my thoughts as well. Some days I feel like I can see progress, and other days I am kicking myself for once again being imprudent. I know that God is working on me, but it seems very slow going…..

22.       I can’t believe that my son is going to begin his final year of high school this fall and is six months away from becoming an adult. All of those little memes are true…..time sure flies. Savor it, young moms.

23.       I am not an artsy/decorative person. If you have been in my home, you will find that it pretty much looks like it looked fourteen years ago when we moved in and put the artwork on the walls and nick-knacks on the shelves. I guess I don’t like change.

24.   As I am aging, I am finding that I don’t like sweet things. I drink my coffee with just a touch of cream and no sugar, and am grossed out by the sweet drinks at Starbucks. I wish I could say it was my willpower but it is my taste buds. 

25.   I am slowly taking all processed food out of our diet. This started about ten years ago and at this point the only processed foods that I buy are sourdough bread, tortillas, box cereals, and crackers. I feel healthier and love making lots of things from scratch.

26.   Exercise is something I dread. I have been blessed with natural thinness, and have gotten off easy with my sporadic work outs. This next decade I plan to be more deliberate in my exercise routine.

27.   I go through valleys and mountain top periods with my daily devotional time. Some years I can be pretty consistent, and other times, it is a real struggle to even read my Bible once in a week. Right now I feel like I am in a slump….I have found  that I do best when I have a reading plan, and I am going to start a new read-through-the Bible plan soon.


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