Meet Our Goats

Today we are 27 days to the fair. We have been busy the last few months, training the goats, cleaning up after them, and practicing showmanship.

Would you like to meet our four-legged friends?

Mr. Lego's goat is Katniss. (Guess which book he loved reading this last year.)

Katniss is pretty easy going, and loves to be bribed with walnut leaves.

Right now she is tied for first as being the heaviest goat in our project at 84 pounds.

Bookworm's goat is Stewart. (In our Goat Notebook I wrote it as Stuart, but was promptly corrected.)

Stewart is a whether, and is 76 pounds.

Stewart is a good at walking and is usually a very docile goat.

Dasher's goat is Oscar. (She just likes the name.)

Oscar is also a whether and was one of the smallest goats when we got him, at right around 38 pounds. And at our weekly weigh in yesterday....he was 82 pounds!

Oscar braces pretty well but hates walking. Training him has been a lesson in patience for Dasher.

And what does Nutsy do while we work with the goats?

Visit the farm animals!

A wittle fuzzy wascally wabbit.

And baby Nigerian goats too....

The next 27 days will be busy but fun, as we prepare for the county fair!


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