{Co-op} Battles of Ancient Greece

We are smack in the middle of Greek history and this week, we studied some very important battles.

First off my dear friend Kate, who is teaching history in co-op, talked about each for the battles and showed where the lines of war were on a map.

We are using Biblioplan, but are supplementing with other sources...the idea for today's lesson, mapwork, and craft came from Home School In the Woods Great Empires.

Then she showed some appropriate You Tube videos...

The Battle of Marathon:

The Battle of Salamis:

And one of my favorite battles in ancient history, the Battle of Thermopylae

This battle is amazing, one of discipline and sacrifice. If you haven't heard of it, you definitely need to read more about it.

After that we all headed to the table to make our very own Greek pottery.

First, they traced their designs with a pencil on terra cotta pots.

Kate had lots of examples of Greek pottery that they could look at to inspire them.

Then it was time to paint....we only offered black and white, since there is not much color in the pots we have from that time period.

Creative juices were flowing...

The older kids also did some map work that day and labeled cities and battle lines.

We try to incorporate our study of history into other subjects....I am teaching IEW writing to both our older and younger kids. The younger ones are re-writing paragraphs on Sparta, and the older ones are doing research papers on a topic of their choice from Ancient Greece. (These are their choices: Weaponry, Greek gods and goddesses, Life in Sparta, and Greek Medicine.) 

Sometimes you might think that ancient history is too dry to teach to young children; I think the opposite and have enjoyed all of our years of studying chronological history.


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