A Review: Children's Sermon Notebook

During our church services, we have our children sitting with us the whole time. We believe, that as members of the visible church, they should be hearing the gospel and the preaching from the Word each week. And for the most part, our pastor is sensitive to those younger ears, and remembers to define the larger words and make things easier to understand.

But it has still, at times, been a struggle for the younger ones to stay focused and not wander with their thoughts.

This is where the Children's Sermon Notebook from The Purple Carrot can be so helpful.

What It Is:

Meant for those that can write up until about 7th grade, this handmade book is the perfect tool for your child to use during worship services.

Every page is double sided, and opens to the title "Worship & Sermon Notes". There is a space with numbered lines to list the hymn numbers or song titles that are sung. There is a space to write the  Bible passage, as well as the sermon title. 

On the bottom of the first page is something that my younger one especially enjoys doing....listening for specific words in the sermon. 

And the creator, Mary Lee Sonke, has done a great job of not only listing common words, but giving spaces for either your child or a parent to add other words to listen for.

The opposite page has a small space to draw a picture from the sermon. There are also numbered lines 1 through 5; this is the place where your children can write the main points of the sermon.

How We Used This:

When I showed this product to my younger girls, they were ecstatic. I let them browse the many different patterns that Mary Lee offers and they got to pick their favorite. She is also able to take requests and can custom-make a book just for your child.

Each Sunday they eagerly got their notebooks out of our Church Bag. One of them would write the hymn numbers from the bulletin right away, while the other one would wait and write them as they were announced.

Nutsy usually sits next to me so as we read the text of the sermon, I chose a few more words for her to listen for. She is too young to pick out the main points of the sermon, and so she used the lines on the other page to copy the scripture text. And she always drew a picture in the space provided; our pastor is going through Matthew right now so there was always a good picture to draw.

Each week I let Dasher decide if she is going to count words; sometimes she would get so involved in trying to find the main sermon points that she would forget to count how many times she heard "God", or "grace". She usually sits next to Bookworm and would copy what sermon notes she wrote in the sermon lines. 

What We Thought:

My kids loved using this. They like having their very own church notebook, and feel grown-up when they take notes. Dasher even referred to it one time during the week; we were talking about one of the sermons from a few weeks before and she ran to get her notebook so she could see what notes she had taken. 

The books were very well made; they have been tossed in the Church Bag and landed on the floor a couple of times and look no worse for wear. And Mary Lee thoughtfully attached a ribbon bookmark to each book; this makes it very easy for the girls to find their place each week.

I did notice that last week one of the girls was not as keen on using the notebook. But think about it...listening to sermons is something that takes work. Even as adults, we can sometimes struggle with paying attention when we are being extorted. But this is not optional and is something that is so incredibly important.

And with this notebook, I feel I am giving my children the tools to learn how to listen, take notes, and most importantly, hear how much they need our merciful Savior.

Each of these beautiful, handmade books is $15. That is an entire years' worth of sermon notes for your young charges.

So go check out The Purple Carrot's Facebook page and Etsy shop. She has other products for sale....Catechism books, backpacks, and more.

*I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.*


  1. We've been looking for something like this! Thanks for sharing

  2. I am so glad, Stef! And she'll do custom covers too. :-)


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